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LugLoc Luggage Locator

LugLoc Luggage Tracking Locator Device

Established in 2013, LugLoc is the world’s first luggage locator device. Their patented device is sold by major retailers nationwide and the technology is embedded in smart luggage by some of the most respected companies in the industry. CNN named LugLoc a “Must have travel accessory for 2015.

Never again worry about losing your luggage! LugLoc assures that you will find in which Airport your LugLoc is. LugLoc uses GSM technology, which can be tracked in closed places where GPS won’t be able to, like airports!

There is no membership fees to use LugLoc. With LugLoc, only pay for what you use! You buy traces through the App and every time you send a request to locate your luggage or item of value you use a trace. It works like a cellular phone does, which is why this extra cost exists. You can buy different packs of traces according to your needs.

Get a LugLoc Luggage Tracking Locator Device for every member of your household. They also make great gifts for family and friends!


LugLoc uses the latest technology in luggage tracking. Through triangulation of GSM-GPRS cellphone towers, LugLoc is able to know where your luggage is, always, anywhere in the world.

With a tap on your smartphone App, a message is sent to the device, and the device sends back the location so you can see it on the App’s map view. LugLoc has a rechargeable battery that lasts 15 days, so you only have to charge it before you start your trip.

In order to not interfere with Avionics, LugLoc has a Patented Triaxial Accelerometer that turns the device off prior to take off, turning it back on once it lands. LugLoc also comes with a Bluetooth proximity alert feature that will take the worry out of your wait at the luggage carousel.

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LugLoc, Award Winning Luggage Locator in the World

LugLoc Luggage Locator has 15 Day

Never worry about your luggage again, LugLoc uses GSM technology, which can be tracked in closed places where GPS won’t be able to, like airports!
Not sure if your luggage made it into the plane? Thanks to its LE Bluetooth technology you can detect your luggage inside the plane when it’s not moving. After landing you will know in advance when your luggage is coming into the baggage carousel, as you will also detect it through its LE Bluetooth!


LugLoc Luggage Locator finds your Bags in any Airport Worldwide

LugLoc Luggage Locator finds your Bags

LugLoc assures that you will find in which Airport your LugLoc is. It is not recommended for other uses outside Air Travel. Its accuracy shifts as it depends on the amount of cellular antennas in the area. Bluetooth range depends on the phone’s Bluetooth, the luggage material, and the obstacles between the phone and the LugLoc. Depending on these factors, range might be between 50 and 300 feet away from you.

Using your LugLoc is simple! Download and access the App through your smart device, register your LugLoc, and follow the instructions. Tracking your luggage in your journey will be at the tip of your fingers.
Using LugLoc requires Internet Connection, and buying traces through the app.


LugLoc Luggage Tracking Devices

LugLoc offers great suport…
Each device needs to be activated and registered in the LugLoc Smartphone Application. Should you have difficulties registering the devices, please visit the LugLoc website, or contact support. They are always available to assist their users 24/7, and their excellent support is a key element to their solution.

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GSM-GPRS device that tracks your bags’ location and reports it directly to your smartphone from anywhere in the world using GSM as well as Bluetooth technology. Lugloc provides you with peace of mind knowing your luggage is on the plane or at the right airport. Or if it is not, Lugloc will help you determine what airport it is at, or if the airline lost it.
Lugloc provides you with the ability to easily locate your luggage at the baggage carousel where hundreds of pieces of luggage are coming out on dozens of conveyor belts. GSM-GPRS Technology to track your luggage & valuables anywhere in the world that has GSM Technology. 15-Day rechargeable battery, comes with a USB charger and cable
Patented Triaxial accelerometer registers movement to turn off the device at take off, to avoid conflicts with avionics FAA, TSA, and FCC compliant. Comes with 15 days of unlimited traces. Bluetooth technology for close proximity searches. CNN: “Hottest New Travel Accessory”. 1st Place “Product Innovation Award” – 2015 International Travel Goods Show.


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