MacUpdate Promo September 2011 Bundle

MacUpdate September 2011 BundleMacUpdate has their September 2011 bundle for sale. It has 11 Mac apps for $49.99 (90% off) which is a good deal because all of the apps together are valued at $487. If you would use only a couple of the apps, it’s probably worth it. I haven’t bought it myself yet though because, although the apps are cool, I’m not sure I would use any of them. And for awhile there I was buying almost every decent Mac app bundle that came along so I have no shortage of Mac apps.

The Mac apps in this bundle include:

  •  Toast Titanium 11 – normally $99 and would be good for burning discs and converting videos to iPhone format
  • Printopia – print from iOS devices to your Mac printer. I think this would be especially great for printing from the iPad.
  • Data Rescue 3 – recover data from a troubled hard drive, or recover deleted files. This is the type of program that’s not too exciting now but could be needed later on.
  • FX Photo Studio Pro – a “post processing photo editor.” The exciting thing to me is that it has a lot of photo effects and filters to play with. But I already have a lot of photo editing apps.
  • Fantastical – a calendar app that sits in your menubar and is supposed to make it easy to add things to your calendar. It works with iCal and some other calendars.
  • iStat – sits in your menubar and lets you monitor your system–for instance CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, network bandwidth, etc.
  • PhoneView – an app that lets you access data on your iOS device.
  • Concealer – lets you store data securely in ‘card’ format that you don’t want others to have access to. It encrypts the data.
  • EarthDesk – lets you have a dynamic picture of the earth on your desktop. It might be interesting… you could use it to track hurricanes, etc.
  • Mellel – a word processor. I have 3 word processors already on my Mac so it’s hard to get excited about another word processor, but who knows, it could be the coolest word processor ever made.
  • Bookends – a $99 app that helps you manage your bibliography and references. It integrates with several word processors. Might be useful for students?
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