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Adapt Aerobic Exercise To Increase Your Lung Capacity

If you could expect to add years to your life, quality years,  while you learn physical activity that improves your heart and lung capacity, I bet you would give 12 minutes to this about 3 times a week. A bonus to this is, you can boost your metabolism with an adapted form  of aerobic exercise and high intensity training. Like ballet dancers, you can increase your lung capacity, increase your metabolic rate, while avoiding risk factors leading to a heart attack.

When your muscles function this way, like those of a young person, you speed up your metabolism. This way you can lose weight and enjoy maintaining your weight, with the added result of building muscle mass. And, add years to your life. Naturally, with other healthy choices such as a nutritious diet and looking both ways before you cross the street.

The news that was new for me is that your LUNG CAPACITY  determines how long you live.

Dr. Al Sears, who designed the Pace exercise program, has engaged in research that shows that your lungs get smaller as you get older. Yet, you have control over this. A certain kind of working out that increases the intensity of exertion, and the slowly increasing acceleration of exertion, makes your lungs get bigger!

This same type of exercise also increases your heart capacity. This means, that in an emergency situation–or just a run-for-the-bus situation– your heart can pump more blood, facilitating your actions. Without you having a heart attack or a stroke, or fainting from lack of oxygen.

And one of the best features of this program, is that you can choose the most effective exercise for weight loss and truly enjoy it. This could be strength training or aerobic exercise such as:

  • jumping rope
  • doing squats and lunges
  • jumping jacks
  • walking
  • biking or recumbent biking
  • treadmill
  • rowing machine – or a real boat or kayack
  • Total Gym – it can do so many kinds of movements
  • Pilates machine
  • movement with weights

Of course there are more – but that’s the gist of it.

A note for ballet dancers – a ballet barre and a ballet center work is perfectly designed as this kind of workout. This is why ballet dancers test ahead of all athletes for endurance, strength, and lung capacity.  They train with the most intense paced, accelerating aerobic exercise.

But back to you, no matter your age, you can do this. One patient of Dr. Sears started walking 45 seconds a day, and built up an exercise program from there. So, if you are still standing and walking, YOU CAN DO MORE.

If you are the type who never gives up, you will love this adapted and improved aerobic exercise routine which will  increase lung capacity.  Whether you are 30 or 70, you can improve your aerobic exercise style.

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