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Make a Love Tree for Valentine’s Day

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Love Tree

A love tree is a wonderful way to decorate for Valentine’s Day. It is no different from setting up one for Christmas, the difference being the color of your tree. Valentine’s Day trees and love ornaments should be white, pink and red. These decorations are supposed to be love related: hearts, lips, doves, roses, etc.

Setting a love tree can be lots of fun if done with the kids. It is also the best way to show your loved ones that Valentine’s Day is an important celebration for you and for them. Such a decorative piece is going to be the focal point of your living room in February.

Here are some ideas for you to make a love tree for Valentine’s Day.

A White Artificial Love Tree To Start With

Red, pale pink and lavender trees work well too

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The first item to have on hand when making a love tree is the tree. You will want to choose a white or red artificial fir tree. But pale pink or lavender are also colors that will work for the occasion.

Carefully select the color as it’s going to help you decide on the dominant colors of your ornaments. For example, on a red artificial tree you are going to add more white and pale pink ornaments. Instead, on a white tree you will be adding more red, purple and hot pink decorations.

Although the size of your love tree doesn’t really matter, it’s all up to you to choose a small or big one. A small themed love tree will find a place on a cabinet or table, while a big one will require a larger space in the room.

A great alternative, and my favorite one, is the birch tree or the gathering of branches that you place in a big vase. The beauty of such decorative items is that you can use them for all other celebrations: Mardi Gras, Easter, Halloween, etc.


Make a Pop Corn Garland for Valentine’s Day

A popcorn garland will also work wonders as love tree decoration: just make pop corn and once cold, string a needle and transparent nylon thread through the pop corn. Use as much thread as needed to create a big garland.

Valentine’s Day Heart Ornaments For A Fantastic Love Tree

First and essential decorations: symbols of love

The most popular Valentine’s Day ornaments are hearts. You can use all types of heart-shaped decorations on your love tree. However make sure to hang more white, silver, pale pink ornaments than red ones on a red tree. The tree is there to highlight your love tree ornaments. You can get highly creative and prefer to hang all kinds of heart embellishments instead of just those that relate to love… Decorations dedicated to friendship, engagement, wedding anniversaries, etc. can be also part of your holiday setting.

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Valentines Themed Garlands for Love Tree

Tinsel, metal and beaded garlands

There is no beautiful Valentine’s Day tree without some garlands. They play a big part of any holiday decor. Choose the type of garland that would work best with your love tree: tinsel garlands, heart themed garlands or even beaded garlands.

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How To Make a Heart Shaped Garland

You can make a lovely Valentine’s Day heart shaped garland using construction paper: cut out hearts out of white, pink and red sheets of construction paper, pinch a hole in each of them and secure each of on a transparent nylon thread with a knot.

Valentine’s Day String Lights For Your Love Tree

Light the tree and set the romantic atmosphere

Lights are also an important part of your Valentine’s Day tree decor. If the branches don’t come with integrated lights you will want to get some. If you set up a Valentine’s Day tree decor on red branches, then white lamps will work best. For a white one, you’re going to choose red lights.

Yet, for a romantic display, you are going to love candle lights. Is there any better way to set the romantic mood to a room than using candles? However having lit real candles on a tree is quite risky, but stores provide you with electric candle lights that look like life-like candles minus the danger. Opt for red and white ones, since they’re the colors of Valentine’s Day.

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Find Beautifully Crafted Tree Bird Ornaments

Add some birds to your love tree

Other items you can add to your Valentine’s Day tree are birds. Doves, cardinals, hummingbirds make wonderful embellishments for a love tree. These are perfect decorations to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. Do not hesitate to get a bunch of birds – add a couple of cardinals and doves. Highlight the elegance of your romantic love tree with red hummingbirds and red feathered peacock ornaments.

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How To Make Macaroni Valentine’s Day Garlands

Making love themed macaroni garlands is easy: simply paint macaroni white, pink and red. Once dried, thread them onto transparent nylon thread – one white, one pink, one red and so on.

Valentine’s Day Tree Toppers

Finish up your romantic tree decor

You will put the finishing touches to your love tree decor using one of the many Valentine’s Day tree toppers you can find in stores. Although it may sound difficult to find Valentine treetops, it is not as hard as it seems. A finial tree topper that is entirely red or white will work just fine. You can even use a red angel as isn’t your soul mate an angel for you?

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Even More Valentine’s Day Tree Ornaments

Lips, cupids, bows and even sexy ornaments

There are more holiday decorations that you can use to decorate your love tree. Mouth-blown glass lip ornaments are one of these. How about using Cupids in your Valentine’s Day tree decor? Red, white, pale and hot pink baubles will also add life to the branches. Then if you opt for a naughty theme, add lingerie, shoes, makeup and pin up ornaments. Or you can even go further and use red apples so as to get reminded from Eve’s experiment…

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  1. What a sweet idea to do on Valentine’s Day! Trees aren’t just for Christmas!

  2. Gypzeerose

    The idea of a love tree for Valentine’s day is very sweet. I liked the tree you used to decorate – it could be used as a centerpiece for the house and be used at different times throughout the year.

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