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Make Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Costume

Make Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Costume

Lots of little girls (and big girls too) adore Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and want to dress like her for playtime or Halloween. But what if you can’t find a Dorothy costume or they are just plain too expensive? A great option is to make a Wizard of oz Dorothy costume and is pretty easy to make as well.

Dorothy’s outfit consists of a blue gingham dress, a white blouse, white socks, and of course the famous ruby red slippers. She usually wore her long dark hair in low pig tails with blue hair bows. Find all you need to dress up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz below. Also see how I put together a DIY Dorothy costume for my daughter, maybe you can do the same.

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Cheap Dorothy Costume

One year my oldest daughter whom is now grown wanted to dress like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween.. That year we were on a tight budget so I kept my eyes and ears out for deals. I went to my local thrift shop and to my surprise was a beautiful gingham blue dress that had Dorothy written all over it. It must have been hand made, I didn’t see any tags in it. And guess what?! It was my daughters size, I felt so lucky! Wow the biggest hurdle is done, the dress. Now how about those ruby slippers I thought to myself. We went to the shoe dept. in the thrift shop and found some dressy red shoes at a cheap price. Awesome! Hmmmm, now let me think, how can I get them sparkly like the ones Dorothy wore? I got it, glitter, red glitter and lots of it. I went to walmart in the craft dept. and got some blue ribbons for her hair and her outfit was complete. She looked so darn cute and I was proud of that DIY Dorothy costume.

No Sew Dorothy Costume

Dorothy Dress Material

The classic Dorothy dress is made with blue and white checkered gingham material. This strong holding fabric glue holds most fabrics. Makes it easy for a no sew project. Use this braided elastic for the waistband it’s shrink resistant too.

ht_113015_3 InspirationzStore Gingham patterns – Dark BlueAleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive 4ozDritz 9530W Braided Elastic, White, 8-Yard by

Did You Know?….

Dorothy’s Real Ruby Slippers Are Displayed In The Smithsonian

DIY Glitter Your Shoes (Dorothy Shoes)

Find a pair of shoes around the house that you don’t wear much and get to work. The most important thing in making Dorothy shoes is red glitter and lots of it. I had so much fun making my daughters. If your child is old enough I’m sure they would enjoy helping. And by following the directions in the video you can use the same fabric glue as you used for the dress for the shoes. That’s what I’m talking about, double duty. A great way to save. :)

Creative Arts by Charles Leonard Glitter, 16Adhesive Jewels – Red – Art &

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