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Fancy Mardi Gras Party Decorations and Props

Decorate for Mardi Gras Masquerade Party

Mardi Gras party decorations and props are a must if you’re planning to celebrate the event through a masquerade party at home on Fat Tuesday. Moreover, these party ornaments can help you make your party shine above the rest like a star.

With purple, green and golden being the traditional colors of this entertaining event and many options in decorating, your Fat Tuesday decor can go without a hitch. There’s just so much to choose from that your decor can hardly go wrong.

Here are some Mardi Gras party decorations and props that will sure please your guests and yourself.

Turn Your Party Venue Into Bourbon Street

Host a colorful and fun masquerade party on Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras decorations and props turn your party room into the French Quarter easily. Mardi Gras is an amazing season festival in New Orleans. But you do not have to be from New Orleans to celebrate the holiday. Because the Carnival period allows you to be super creative, it’s the perfect time to host a Mardi Gras party that is colorful and entertaining.

There is a large range of themed Mardi Gras party props. They enable you to create marvelous settings. How fun is a masquerade party that is virtually held in Bourbon Street. For the purpose you need a few Bourbon Street themed party props including street lamps. Some jazzmen standees will add to the realistic look.

Rendezvous On Bourbon Street KitCheck PriceMardi Gras Music KitCheck PriceMardi Gras MadnessCheck PriceMardi Gras Scene SettersCheck PriceMardi Gras Float Props Pkg/2Check PriceMardi Gras Brick & Wall Street BackdropCheck Price

Themed Mardi Gras Party Decorations and Props

Easy decorating idea: get a party kit

Mardi Gras is a festival for everyone. You do not have to be a child to enjoy the beauty of this so special day. Themed Mardi Gras party props ease the setting process. Once you step into the set up of the rooms where you hold the event, you are dazzled by the bright and joyful colors of these props. Whether whole kits or separate elements, they provide your room with a fancy look.

Masquerade Memories KitCheck PriceMasked In Mystery KitCheck PriceMasquerade Ball KitCheck PricePeacock Masquerade Ball KitCheck PriceSet The Stage Mardi Gras Party Deluxe KitCheck PriceMusic Of The Night Deluxe KitCheck Price

Decorate the Mardi Gras Party Room Using Masks

A great way to decorate the room where the Mardi Gras party is going to be held is using masks. Get a dozen purple, gold and green plastic or cardboard themed masks and pin them on the walls all around the room. This is an easy and cheap way to set up the general “Carnavale” mood.

Mardi Gras Mask Decorations Highlight the Party Venue

Masks make fantastic decorations and party favors

Mardi Gras masks make outstanding decorations for such a party. They can come in any size. You can hang the on the walls, stick on windows (especially if you create faux stained glass masks). You can even place them somewhere in the room if they are big enough.

Mardi Gras mask standees

Mardi Gras Ball Large MaskCheck PriceMardi Gras Mask StandeeCheck PriceEnchanting Mask StandeeCheck PriceComedy And Tragedy Mask StandeeCheck PriceMardi Gras Harlequin Mask StandeeCheck PriceMardi Gras Filigree Mask StandeeCheck Price

Decorative and party favor masks

Mardi Gras Masks On Stick SetCheck PriceMardi Gras Mask W/ Feathers DozenCheck PriceFeather Masks DozenCheck Price

Mardi Gras Wreaths and Garlands

Or make your own wreath at home

Mardi Gras wreaths make your party guests feel welcome. If you don’t find a themed wreath for the occasion you can make one yourself. It is quite easy to make: using a wire frame, decorate using mesh ribbons. Stick with green, purple and gold or yellow colors. Then glue some false gold coins, colorful feathers, and glitters. Here you are: you have a stunning themed wreath ready to be hung to your door.

Garlands add a touch of glamour to your decor. They come in diverse designs, whether simple paper garlands or made out of foil. Buntings and tassels make unusual but fancy Mardi Gras garlands.

22″ Festive Mardi Gras WreathBeistle 57903-GGP Feather Wreath, 12-InchFeather Wreath – Mardi Gras Wreath

Mardi Gras Gleam ‘n FestCheck PriceMardi Gras Tissue GarlandCheck PriceMardi Gras Tissue TwisteeCheck PriceMardi Gras BuntingCheck Price6′ Pvc Tassel GarlandCheck Price

Mardi Gras Masquerade Party Balloons

Get some original Carnavale themed balloons floating in the room

Balloons are used in most parties because they add a fancy touch to the decor. For a festive atmosphere, add some Mardi Gras balloons. You can choose simple latex balloons in green, gold and purple colors. Or you can opt for more intricate Mylar balloons that are available in specific shapes.

Mardi Gras Print Latex Balloons Pkg/15Check PriceMardi Gras Mask 37″ Mylar BalloonCheck PriceMasquerade Star Cluster Mylar BalloonCheck PriceMardi Gras Foil Balloon RoundCheck Price11″ Mardi Gras Mask Around Balloons Pkg/100Check PriceSax Balloon ArchCheck Price

Mardi Gras Party Beads and Coins

Display themed beads and coins on the buffet table and on the room furniture; hang some beaded strings from the walls; this will dazzle the eyes of your guests.

Fancy Mardi Gras Party Decorations To Be Hung

Danglers, whirls, poms, lanterns and more

Mardi Gras Tissue Poms Pack of 3Check PriceMasks Dizzy Danglers GarlandCheck PriceMardi Gras Tissue Fan Green/Purple/YellowCheck PriceMardi Gras Whirls package of 5Check PriceStar Ball Green/Purple/GoldCheck PriceDecorative Tissue Ball Green/Purple/YellowCheck PriceMardi Gras Foil Starburst Kit Pack of 6Check PricePurple 12″ Round Lighted Paper LanternCheck PriceMardi Gras Pennant BannerCheck Price

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    What fun, Mardi Gras gets more and more popular every year and not just in New Orleans

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    I would love to go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras! Or at least have a Mardi Gras party.

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