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Create a Marilyn Monroe Themed Bathroom

How to Create a Marilyn Monroe Themed Bathroom

It’s easy and fun to create a Marilyn Monroe themed bathroom. As with any other themed room, you simply need to find the best products you can that feature Marilyn.
In the bathroom, those products include Marilyn Monroe shower curtains, towels, wall decor and even small decorative items. Discover our favorite Marilyn Monroe bathroom decor items on this page. Enjoy your shopping. Plan your room. Surprise yourself with your quick success.

Marilyn Monroe Tub Framed MemorabiliMarilyn Monroe Tub Framed Memorabili'Marilyn Monroe' Original Painting‘Marilyn Monroe’ Original Painting

Start with a Marilyn Monroe Shower Curtain

Your shower curtain is the largest item in your bathroom, so it is the best starting point. Find the perfect Marilyn Monroe shower curtain – choose the one that makes you feel good. You will be looking at it every day. Remove that white shower curtain. Replace it with this beauty. While more MM accessories are available, you may wish to select one or two colors from the shower curtain instead. Create your Marilyn Monroe themed bathroom with colors in our shower curtain.

Marilyn Monroe QuoteMarilyn Monroe QuoteCustom Famous Marilyn MonroeCustom Famous Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe PrintMarilyn Monroe PrintMarilyn Poses Shower CurtainMarilyn Poses Shower Curtain

Choose Your Favorite Marilyn Monroe Towel

Beach Towels and Bath Towels

Perfect addition in a Marilyn Monroe themed bathroom. A couple of MM towels hanging plus a stack for guests or your own use, these will add a smile to the shower or bath.

Pink Marilyn Monroe ClassyPink Marilyn Monroe ClassyToryAnne Collections Quotes towelToryAnne Collections Quotes towelMarilyn Monroe - Sexy imageMarilyn Monroe – Sexy imageGentlemen Prefer BlondesGentlemen Prefer Blondes

Top Marilyn Monroe Bath Accessories and Decorative Items

Marilyn Monroe Bathroom Decor

So many items to choose from! At this point, you simply pick your favorites from the wide selection available. Dare to be different! Skip the usual seashells and add touches of the beautiful star to your bathroom décor.

Marilyn Monroe Tooth Brush HolderBath Mat with Chevron WeaveMarilyn Monroe Wall ClockMarilyn Monroe Quote Vinyl Wall Sticker

Add a Marilyn Monroe Light Switch Cover

Marilyn Monroe Bathroom Decorating Tip

Adding light switch covers is an easy way to add to your themed bathroom.

If You’re Going To Be Two-Faced, At least Make One Of Them PrettyMarilyn Monroe at The Beach Double Toggle Switch

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  1. My first choice would be that sticker: need to get reminded to always smile, hehe. Next would be that Marilyn with bubblegum shower curtain, it’s so original and beautiful. Well I should get ALL towels, can’t make a choice. I definitely love the idea of a Marilyn Monroe themed bathroom!

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