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Military Costumes for Halloween

Marine Corps Costumes and Outfits for Kids

Halloween is a time to dress up as your favorite character or super hero and to many children the United States Marines represent their heros. They may have a big brother, a sister, an uncle, Aunt or even a parent who serves in the USMC and during special days of the year it is very appropriate to allow them to dress up as the most respected branch of the military.

If you served in the Marine Corps you understand the uniform regulations and know not to wear your uniform in public. In fact if you see a Marine in his cammies walking around in a shopping mall or someone in dress blues where they seem out of place it’s mostly likely a case of Stolen Valor.

Military Costumes for Kids

Childrens Military Outfits

Dress Blues Marine CostumeMilitary Officer Set Child Costume

Marine Corps Costumes for Kids

USMC Outfits for Babies and Children

Small children love to dress up as their heros and if they have a brother, an Uncle, a Mom, or Dad who is a Marine then it is very appropriate for them to dress up in Marine Camo, BCUs, or uniforms on Halloween or even on a special day at school.

Forum Novelties Formal Marine Child’s Costume, MediumUS Marine Corps Dress Blues Uniform Baby Outfit (3-6 Months)Kids U.S. Marine Military Costume – DESERT DIGITAL (Small (8))Military Mascot Marine Corps Chesty Infant Costume 6-12 MonthsMarines Uniform Child Costume Size SmallUSMC Big Boys 3 pc Digi Desert Camo Shorts, Shirt, Hat (XL 14-16} Marine Corps

Marine Corps Outfits for Babies

USMC Clothing for Infants

A great idea for a USMC themed baby shower is to get the new Marine family baby gifts with a military theme. These infant onsies are perfect to wear to a welcome home during a deployment reunion, especially if it’s the first time they have seen their Dad.

Marine Corps wives love to dress their babies in outfits that remind them of their husband who is serving overseas and is way to brag about service to their country without being that “Moto Wife”. Who can resists a baby in camo?

U.S Marine Corps Dress Blues Uniform for Infant Child 0-12 Mos (6-9 MONTHS)United States Marine Corps Dress Blues Baby BibBaby / Infant USMC 3 Pc Desert Camo Gift Set Body Suit, Crawler & Bib (3-6 MONTHS)Baby USMC 3 Pc Woodlands Camo Gift Set Body Suit, Crawler & Bib (6-9 MONTHS)USMCUS Marine Corps Camo Baby Bulldog Sleeper (6-9 Mo Woodlands Camo Crawler)US Marine Corps Camo Baby Bulldog Sleeper (9-12 mo Desert Camo Crawler)

Other Military Costumes for Kids

Army, Navy, and Air Force Uniforms for Children

Let’s not forget the other branches of the military when it comes to dressing kids up as their military heroes. Boys love to dress as soldiers in the army and pilots in the Air Force. Really who wouldn’t love to fly a plane or a chopper. If their Dad or brother is in the military they want to dress like the person they look up to.

These would make great costumes to wear for “Dress Like a Hero Dad”, bring a parent to school day, or career day. It is important to show our support for our military not just in public but in our schools. Other children need to understand the sacrifice families and their children make when Dad or Mom is away on deployment.

Delta Force Authentic Costume for a ToddlerU.S. Army Camo Set Child CostumeSoldier Costume, ChildAir Force Pilot CostumeU.S. Army Camo Set Toddler CostumeAir Force Child Costume

I hope you like the variety of military costumes for kids and thank you to all of our Armed Forces and the sacrifices they make for our country.

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