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Healthy Eating Advice : Mushrooms Are Medicine

What do Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi have in common? No. They are not Asian names for baby girls. They are mushrooms. More specifically, they are medicinal mushrooms. In fact, the reishi mushroom has been called “Ling Zhi” or the “Mushroom of Immortality”

Clara Myers is a friend, fellow freelance writer / blogger and my GO TO expert for information about holistic health, natural remedies, and alternative medicine.

She was asked by the Writedge site owners to take the lead and publish a column wholly devoted to “Alternative Health“. Archived posts date back to 2014, but the health and wellness information is still relevant and still invaluable. She gives health tips on everything from acupuncture to wheatgrass.

Want to direct your attention to her article on “Medicinal Mushrooms“.

Excerpt: “Research has also demonstrated the mushroom’s possible usefulness for HIV, bronchitis, allergies, cancer, inflammation, liver, and protection against radiation. Eating all three together will give you the cardiovascular and antioxidant benefits of three superfoods.”

Enjoying mushrooms has never been a problem for me, but it is great to know there are so many health benefits that come from eating foods that I really like! :)

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