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Best Men Watches Under 100 2017

Best men watches under 100 make perfect Valentine gift

It is very possible to find the best men watches under 100! If you are in search of a new one but have a limited budget I can help you find something within this price range. There are thousands on the market, some are well made others are not. There is no reason you cannot have one of the cool men watches under 100.

You do not have to compromise on any features when shopping for a new timepiece. You can choose from sporty, casual, pocket, silver, gold and leather options. All those selected will have two things in common, firstly their quality and secondly their price; they will cost under 100.

The best time to shop for men watches under 100 is right now!

Simply the best there is

The clock is ticking but there is no better time to pick up one of the best mens watches under 100 dollars!

Best Mens Watches Under 100

The best sellers!

Generally a best seller indicates a quality product that has many excellent reviews. Lets face it people are not going to buy something that has complaints or drawbacks!! The good news is that there are lots of many cool men watches under 100. I am struggling to pick just one for my boyfriend!!

 Timex Men’s T499059J Expedition Field Chronograph Watch Invicta Men’s 14876 Specialty Chronograph 18k Gold Ion-Plated and Stainless Steel Watch Timex Men’s Easy Reader Watch

So many available, how to pick just one

How to decide on one of the best men watches under 100

If you are looking for a great gift for your boyfriend and are struggling to pick one from those featured, do not fret as there are some decisions you can make which will help you!

1) Does he like sports? If he does not perhaps a sports watch is not for him and instead you should go for a casual or dress timepiece. You will surely be able to find the best dress watches under 100.

2) Does he wear any other jewelry? If he wears a gold/silver/platinum ring then choose one to match these. If he does not wear any other jewelry you can choose either but maybe best to ask him first.

3)Some men are not fans of leather strap watches (apparently they make their wrists too sweaty) so make sure and check with him before buying one!

Best Sports Watch Under 100

Timex and Casio are leaders in this category. I am in hot pursuit of a new sports watch for my boyfriend since he has turned into a fitness freak. Now that it is the better weather he is out running most nights. This Timex is the perfect price for a small gift for him, and I hope it helps motivate him to do faster laps and improve his fitness.

Spending less than 100 dollars is my aim because he only wears the watch for an hour or so a few times a week.

 G-Shock Men’s DW9052-1V

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