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Men’s Superhero Watches

Superhero Watches for Men

Who says superheros are only for kids? These superhero watches for men prove differently. There are some very cool designs featured on these men’s watches! You can choose a colorful design, or one that doesn’t stand out quite as much. The choice is yours, and the selections are many!

You’ll find men’s watches here featuring beloved superhero characters such as Spider-Man, Batman, the Hulk, Iron Man, the Avengers, and so many others.

Collectors and fans alike will enjoy these men’s superhero watches, and you’ll get a kick out of giving them as gifts to the special men in your life, too!

Marvel Men’s W001055 Fortaleza Iron Man Watch

Marvel Men’s W001055 Fortaleza Iron Man WatchMore Details

The Marvel Story

Marvel has gone through several incarnations with various names, but started out as Timely Publications in 1939, founded by Martin Goodman. By the early 1950s the name changed to Atlas Comics. In 1961, with the introduction of the famous Fantastic Four, Marvel Comics began using its best-known name.

The first superhero was the Human Torch, and since every superhero needs a super villain, this niche was filled by Namor the Sub-Mariner (who later became an on-again, off-again hero). A resounding success, the first issue needed a second printing and together, they sold almost 900,000 copies.

Soon thereafter, writer Joe Simon and artist Jack Kirby created the patriotic Captain America during World War II, a character still popular today. Stanley Lieber, known more widely as Stan Lee (his pseudonym that he eventually adopted as his legal name) joined Timely and went on writing comic books for decades.

By the 1960s, well-known heroes and antiheroes emerged, including the Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, and the X-Men. This is the time Steve Ditko joined the brand, now known as Marvel Comics. These characters, with “real life” flaws and problems, revolutionized the comic book world because they were relatable to readers. By 1968, Marvel was selling 50 million comic books per year.

The late 1970s saw the long-running Star Wars series, and the 1980s made money with Daredevil, but the real resurgence of comic books came in the early 1990s. Marvel began selling trading cards and using more crossovers in the fictional Marvel Universe. But the 90s proved to be a tough time for Marvel, with defecting artists and a Chapter 11 filing. The company was saved and renamed Marvel Enterprises.

The new millennium gave way to diversification, including the wildly successful film franchises, most notably the X-Men and Spider-Man series, with characters slightly updated to reflect current trends. Marvel also launched a digital archive of over 2,500 back issues, viewed for a fee. Now Marvel is owned by The Walt Disney Company and is still going strong. Superhero strong.

Keep track of time with this officially licensed Marvel Fortaleza Watch by Ewatchfactory on your wrist. The timepiece displays artwork from your favorite Marvel character on the face, and is designed with labeled “hour” and “minute” hands to help young ones learn how to tell time. This classic watch has a polished and matte steel finish and a precision Japan movement for accurate time keeping and a 1 year manufacturer warranty.


More Marvel Men’s Fortaleza Superhero Watches

These are my favorites of all the superhero men’s watches! I love how the designs are subtle and not overpowering. These are very cool watches that men are going to love owning and wearing!

 Marvel Men’s W001057 Fortaleza Captain America WatchMore Details Marvel Men’s W001059 Fortaleza Hulk WatchMore Details Marvel Men’s W001052 Fortaleza Spider-Man WatchMore Details Marvel Men’s W001058 Fortaleza Hulk WatchMore Details Marvel Men’s W001051 Fortaleza Spider-Man WatchMore Details Marvel Men’s W001053 Fortaleza Spider-Man WatchMore Details Marvel Men’s W001056 Fortaleza Thor WatchMore Details Marvel Men’s W001054 Fortaleza Spider-Man WatchMore Details

Marvel Men’s W000532 Spider-Man Vintage Watch

Marvel Men’s W000532 Spider-Man Vintage WatchMore Details

Alloy Case, water resistant to 30M (99 feet).
Meets or exceeds all us government requirements and regulations for adult’s watches.
Durable mineral crystal. 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
Water resistant to 99 feet (30 M): withstands rain and splashes of water, but not showering or submersion.


Men’s Superhero Watches

 Batman Men’s BAT9062 Black Rubber StrapMore Details Batman Men’s BAT9065 Yellow Rubber StrapMore Details SuperHeroes Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D RoundMore Details The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Limited EditionMore Details Fashion Adult Wrist Watch Leather BandMore Details Fashion Adult Wrist Watch Leather BandMore Details

Marvel Spider-man Men’s SPM096 Black Strap Action Dial Watch

Marvel Spider-man Men’s SPM096 Black StrapMore Details

Three Hand Japanese Quartz Analog
Silver-tone Case on Black Strap with Topstitching
Marvel Comics Spiderman on Black Dial
Easy to Read Dial
Spiderman Head on Dial


More Superhero Watches for Men

 Marvel Men’s W000508 Iron Man HonorMore Details Marvel Men’s W001050 Crown Protector Spider-ManMore Details Superman (Close Up) – Man ofMore Details Marvel Men’s W000568 Spider-Man Silver-Tone StatusMore Details Batman, Capped Crusader on a SilverMore Details Marvel Men’s W000463 Hulk Pocket WatchMore Details Marvel Men’s W000559 Spider-Man Two-Tone StatusMore Details Marvel Men’s Agents of SHIELD W001649More Details Marvel Men’s W000512 Captain America HonorMore Details Marvel Men’s The Avengers Hulk W001740More Details Marvel Men’s The Avengers Captain AmericaMore Details Marvel Men’s W000461 Spider-Man Pocket WatchMore Details

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