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Healthy Weight Healthy Options And High Calorie Foods

Dancers (and others) can get really stressed over striving for a healthy weight, choosing the healthy options, and all the while craving those yummy high calorie foods.

Obese teens, young adults who want to be athletic and slim, (whether dancers or not) try to stay healthy while constantly worrying about weight loss. Is this or something similar to this – you? I’m going to introduce an idea to you that can really help.

Stop craving high calorie foods and reach your healthy weight.

Stop craving high calorie foods and reach your healthy weight.

The Inner Dance Of Success Weight Loss Program

We’re talking about an inner dance of success, so you don’t have to be a ballet or any other kind of dancer to use this, enjoy it, and achieve a healthy weight. If you are overweight, you like high calories foods. It’s as simple as that. For whatever reason, you either prefer or crave the high calorie foods.

Trouble is, after we grow up on a certain kind of diet our brains are really addicted to the charge we get from sugars (often hidden in processed foods) that are in the grain foods that we eat. Even the in “healthy whole grain” breakfast cereals or whole grain pastas that are so easy to get now. Also oils provide a wonderful full and satisfied feeling after a meal, but healthy options in oils must be chosen knowledgeably.

What Do You Do If You Crave High Calorie Foods And Haven’t Reached Your Healthy Weight?

You want to eat them, right? Yet you want the healthy weight too! Cutting them out of your diet can be an ongoing agony as your friends, brothers, (it is so much easier for growing boys to chow down anything), and the few genetically skinny kids eat whatever they want.

What if you could change what you wanted to eat? Simply train your brain to want the foods that will keep you thin, growing well, and build the muscle you need to look great, and maybe do sports or ballet or contemporary dance, jazz, hip hop and any style?

Healthy Options – Here’s One Of The Best That Will Lead To Your Healthy Weight

I encourage you to take the approach of changing your mind and training your brain, because typically, people will diet over and over again, subjecting themselves to the discipline of avoiding high calorie foods, yet one day the healthy weight will start disappearing again.

However, if you have learned to crave the healthy options and trained your mind power to your advantage, you will get through all these tricky stages of life without the agony of dieting and for some, the self-loathing that results from weight control failure.

A leading dance medicine specialist has developed a brain-training CD geared to help you stop craving high calorie foods.

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