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Mind Power For Weight Loss Plus Health And Diet

Weight loss is rarely easy. Health and diet has to be factored in, along with mind power and calorie counting. It is indeed a balancing act. I am going to help you out with sorting your criteria for formulating a great diet, one you can sustain, and get results.

The suggestions that follow are not for losing ten pounds in two weeks to fit into your bikini or wedding dress. There are deprivation diets for that, and I understand when those goals are a priority. This design is a middle of the road oriented program that you can keep up without going crazy.

Freshly purchased, home prepared foods are the best foods to eat every day. Include various lean proteins, (soft cooked eggs, meats, chicken, fish) and fresh vegetables, fruits and salads, at least 50% raw. Homemade dips and sauces, made from lemon juice and olive oil, coconut oil, grated cheese or sour cream, with added herb mixes, make a basic meal delicious.

If you lack the time to prepare fresh meals every day, get some green smoothie drinks mix and some excellent if not the best whey protein powder. At least your health and diet will be provided for, even if it is less interesting. You will have more energy, and more mind power.

Unfortunately, boxed frozen ready-to-nuke low calorie foods with artificial flavors are full of unhealthy chemicals. I was astounded to learn that when medical researchers need to fatten mice up for an experiment they give them artificial sweeteners. And they get fat! The same kind of food chemicals are in diet sodas, which make you crave carbs! Avoid these chemical diet drinks, and get yourself a chemical free energy drink mix with natural health supplements, to carry with you.

If you have severe low energy problems, go to (or ask your parents to take you to)  your doctor for a general physical, and some blood tests. It’s good to know that your body is okay. Most medical doctors or natural health practitioners will know what blood tests to order after listening to the description of your symptoms.

I do not think you should ever be hungry or feel deprived – but what you choose to snack on stores as fat, or not. Carbs like chips, crackers, and breads are useless calories. They do not build your bones and muscles, or brain cells. Also know that low thyroid levels wreak havoc with your weight, metabolism and health in general.

Mind power or will power requires knowing you have made a good health and diet commitment.

A chemical free energy drink mix will help you keep your commitment to yourself.

Energy Drink Mix - Chemical Free

Energy Drink Mix Chemical Free

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