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Minion Socks for Adults

Minion Despicable Me Socks

We all know the minions from the first and second Despicable Me movies as the little yellow creatures who are designed to serve masters. Only when all of their masters die they go to Antarctica to start a new life.

This year (2015) the minions get their own movie, which shows just how popular they’ve become. You have the normal innocent yellow minions but also the evil purple minions that are a mutation and cannot be destroyed by any weaponry.

Today I want to show you a selection of Minion themed socks for adults, it’s not only kids who can enjoy the series there’s enough to appeal to adults and teenagers too.

Knee High Minion Socks

If you’re searching for knee high socks that will be great to work around the house and will show above shoes when you’re out and about check out our selection of knee high Minion socks below.

 Better Vie Ladies 6 Pairs Candy Color SockShop Women’s 3 Pair Despicable Me Minions Evei Minions Super Hero Cute Charater Cartoon Despicable me Minion Socks, Orange Minions Women’s Loafer Socks 6pairs(6color)=1pack Made in Memo Apparel Despicable Custom Socks One Size Memo Apparel Minions Custom Socks One Size Monster Socks Fun Socks 3-Pair Pack Cotton Mini Minions Heros Socks Women’s 5pairs(5color)=1pack Big

Discreet No Show Look Below

No Show Minion Socks

If you’re looking for a more discreet look that you can pair with shoes then check out these no-show options that’ll work perfect for you.

 Despicable Me Girls’ Despicable Me 2 Minion No-Show Socks 5 Despicable Me Big Girls’ Minions 5 Pack Despicable Me Minion Big Girls’ No Show Claire’s Accessories Girls Despicable Me Minion Made Despicable Me Minion Big Girls’ No Show Despicable Me 2 Minion No-Show Socks 5 Despicable Me kids Anklet socks size 9-11 Universal Studios Despicable Me Minions Socks Adult

Minion Slippers for Adults

To go with which ever style of Minion socks you choose you’ll want accompanying slippers to match, here is the perfect combination.

It’s made from a plush material that’s ribbed at the knees with movable wobbly eyes and an amused facial expression.

 Despicable Me – Boys Despicable Me Slippers, Despicable Me 3D Eyes Minion Stewart Soft

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