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Minions Christmas Ornaments

Minions Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you are a fan of the Minions and/or Despicable me, then you’ll enjoy these Minions Christmas Ornaments! These make fun decorations for your Christmas tree, but you can also use them as cute package toppers, gift basket additions, or hang them around your house year around.

Collect all of these Minions ornaments and display them in a special place in your home, or give them as gifts to fans and collectors.

Make Christmas even more fun when you incorporate these Minions Christmas tree ornaments into your decor!

3.75″ Despicable Me Minion “Naughty?…Nice?” Christmas Ornament

Minion “Naughty?…Nice?” Christmas Ornament

Minions Christmas Ornaments

Choose from a cute selection of Minions ornaments below. Collect them all, and give some as gifts to fans and collectors. All ages enjoy Minions!

 Despicable Me Minion Dave and Carl Kurt Adler Despicable MeTM Dave And Despicable Me Minions Kurt Adler Ornament Kurt Adler Despicable Me Disc Ornament Despicable Me with Fire Hose Ornament Kurt Adler Despicable MeTM Pirate Minion 2.25 Full Round Resin Despicable ME 3.5 Minons Joy Ornament Dave Minion Christmas Ornament [1DE1142A] Despicable Me Minions Kurt Adler Ornament Kurt Adler 2.75 Kurt Adler 1 in a Minion Kurt Adler Despicable MeTM Crominion Ornament Kurt Adler Despicable MeTM Napoleon Minion 2.25 Despicable ME Golfer Ornament 2.25 Despicable ME French Maid Ornament Despicable Me Minions Kurt Adler Plush 2.25 Minions Ornament Set Kurt Adler 60mm Despicable me Minion Universal Studios Exclusive Despicable Me Minion Despicable Me Dave Minion Ornament Despicable Me Carl Minion Ornament Despicable Me Minion Stuart with Santa Kurt Adler 5 Despicable Me Carl Holding a Candy Megaphone Minion Ornament (Set) Despicable Me Dave And Carl

Minions String Lights

These Minions lights can be used on your Christmas tree, or to add pretty decor to a bedroom or other space in your home. These are fun for child care centers, too!

Despicable Me Movie Minions 10 StringKurt Adler UL 10-Light Despicable MeMinions LED String LightsString Lights, Despicable Me Minions Kevin

More Minions Christmas Decorations

Find Minions Christmas decorations below for indoors and outdoors. These cute decorations will brighten up your home for the holidays!

 Gemmy Christmas Inflatable Minion Bob, 3.5 Christmas Inflatable Minion Carl Yard Prop HUGE 9 FOOT AIRBLOWN INFLATABLE OUTDOOR CHRISTMAS INFLATABLE MINION STUART & KEVIN Kurt Adler Despicable Me Mini Tree Kurt Adler Despicable Me-Minion Christmas Stocking 19″ Miinions Christmas Stocking Set Despicable Me Minion Made Holiday Stocking Kurt Adler Despicable Me Minion Stocking Kurt Adler Despicable Me Musical Water Minion Kevin with Candy Cane and Custom Door Mat Christmas Minions Welcome

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