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Model Insect Kits – Great Gifts for Kids

Children Learn about Nature with Model Insect Kits

It’s great when kids can have fun while learning! In fact, don’t you think that’s when they learn the best?! Most children have a fascination for insects, but unfortunately these days they don’t have that many chances to encounter them “in the wild.”

These model insect kits will teach your child about entomology, and your child will have a great time assembling the insects!

You’ll find a terrific assortment of kits featured here. There’s a great variety of styles, materials and prices to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your child here.

Wooden Insect Model Kits

Choose from several different insect types for these wooden puzzle-style kits. The pieces are numbered to help with assembly and the puzzles can be successfully tackled by 6-year-olds and older. Each one has a large color picture to work from. Choose from a gadfly, praying mantis, cicada, cricket or ant.

 ABC ProductsView Now Puzzled Black Widow Spider Wooden 3D Puzzle Construction KitView Now WoodenCicada KitView Now Insect Planet Praying Mantis Wooden ModelView Now Wooden Praying Mantis KitView Now Wooden Cricket KitView Now Jerold Natural Wood Assembling Kit Flying Butterfly Model Children’s Puzzle Toy BeigeView Now 3-D Wooden Puzzle – Grasshopper -Affordable Gift for your Little One! Item #DCHI-WPZ-E027View Now 3-D Wooden Puzzle – Small Ant -Affordable Gift for your Little One! Item #DCHI-WPZ-E002View Now

Sis Would Have Loved These!

My sister was fascinated by entomology and took it as a 4-H project. She would have loved these kits

Skullduggery Eyewitness Kit Butterfly Casting Kit

Skullduggery Eyewitness Kit Butterfly Casting KitView Now

A fun craft project that’s also educational. The kit comes with all the materials you’ll need to make Monarch, Western Swallowtail, Red Admiral and Painted Lady butterflies. There are molds for each type of butterfly, plus casting material, paints, paint brush, glue and magnets. Suitable for ages 6 through 15


Aluminum Model Insect Kits

These aluminum insect kids from Elenco may look difficult to create, but they claim “no soldering required,” so rest easy! Suitable for kids to assemble using metal and bendable aluminum parts. The kit includes hard and soft pre-punched aluminum parts, along with all the screws, nuts and springs that they will need. Hey, they even throw in some assembly tools! Your finished insect will be about twice the size of the real thing. You can choose from a praying mantis, rhino beetle, scorpion or butterfly.

 OWI Rhino Beetle Aluminum Skulpture KitView Now OWI Samurai Scorpion Aluminum Skulpture KitView Now OWI Mega Mantis Aluminum Skulpture KitView Now OWI Angelic Butterfly Aluminum Skulpture KitView Now

Tedco 4D Vision Snail Anatomy Model

Tedco 4D Vision Snail Anatomy ModelView Now

Oh, OK, a snail is not an insect but a fun kit anyway…

This 4-D snail model includes 30 (count ’em!) detachable organs and other body parts. How cool is that?! Your child can assemble and re-assemble it to his or her heart’s content. Suitable for ages 8 on up


Give Kids Something Fun and Educational!

Sure beats getting them one more DVD or video game.

Insect Puzzle Models

Here are more very appealing puzzle kits: a glossy green flower beetle, a grasshopper, and more fun 3D insect puzzles. Very cool!

 Insect Model Lytta Stygica Green Flower Beetle 3d 4d Master Puzzle 19 Piece with BookView Now Puzzle Toy Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle Children’s toys 3D DIY TOY Creative diy Hand Paper models 3D puzzles InsectsView Now 3-D Wooden Puzzle – Small Cicada -Affordable Gift for your Little One! Item #DCHI-WPZ-E016View Now 3-D Wooden Puzzle – Small Ant -Affordable Gift for your Little One! Item #DCHI-WPZ-E002View Now Masterpieces 3-D Interactive Insects Puzzle Game (100-Piece)View Now Mudpuppy – Bugs in a Box 3-d PuzzleView Now

An Insect Book to Include with the Insect Kit – that you’re giving

Everything Bug: What Kids Really Want to Know about Bugs (Kids’ FAQs)

Everything Bug: What Kids Really Want to Know about Bugs (Kids’ FAQs)View Now

Part of the Kids’ FAQs series, this book is bright and fun. Designed for ages 8-11 in a Q&A format that is accessible even for reluctant readers. Illustrated with plenty of close-up color photos of different insects.


Tedco 4D Vision Tarantula Spider Anatomy Model

Tedco 4D Vision Tarantula Spider Anatomy ModelView Now

This Tarantula model will keep your child (age 8+) busy! It’s 8 inches long and includes 34 removable organs and body parts. What’s not to love about that?! When they’re not taking it apart and putting it back together, it can be displayed on its own display stand.


Famemaster 4D Scorpion Anatomy Model

Famemaster 4D Scorpion Anatomy ModelView Now

Everybody’s absolute favorite–the scorpion! This model includes 28 removable organs and other body parts. The pieces are hand painted. When completed, your child can display the 6-1/2-inch scorpion on its own display stand. Suitable for age 8 and up.


Metal Insect Sculpture Kits for Assembling

For Advanced Model Makers, Ages 14 and Up

 Set of 5 Bugs – 3D Laser Cut Building Metal Model Kit 5 Insects in Set Metallic Nano Puzzle Educational DIY Assembling Toy – Dragonfly, Praying Mantis, Scorpion, Stag Beetle and Tarantula OWI Mega Mantis Aluminum Skulpture Kit Imixlot 3D Dragonfly Laser Cut Metal Miniature Model Kits Insects Stag Beetle – 3D Laser Cut Building Metal Model Kit OWI Rhino Beetle Aluminum Skulpture Kit Metal kit Girafa sawtoothed stag beetle (japan import)

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  1. I just thought – what a sneaky way to get kids into a STEMI frame of mind. And obviously I was being sexist when I implied that only boys love bugs – thanks for sharing that tidbit about your sister.

  2. 3QuartersToday

    My boys would have loved any of these as a kid. They loved to build models for the County Fair.

  3. Gypzeerose

    I think these bug models are just delightful! I would have never thought out looking for them for my sons, but I know they would have loved them!

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