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The Best Mom’s Family Calendars for 2016

Keeping Your Family Organized

As a mom, I know that keeping on top of your family’s schedule is difficult. Especially when they don’t tell you that they have an event until an hour before.

This list of calendars for moms and their families can help you alleviate some of that crazy scheduling. Several of these calendars allow family members to put their own events and appointments on the schedule. This can help them see what conflicts there are and help you find out about the events earlier.

My personal favorite is the Boynton calendar which my own family has used for years. However, each family has their own needs and all of these selections will work for you.

2016 Boynton Mom’s Family Wall Calendar

If you are a mom, (or a dad), then you need the Mom’s Family Calendar by Sandra Boynton

(This image is of the back of the 2014 calendar, but you get the idea)

If you are a mom, then you need to own the Mom’s Family 2016 Wall Calendar by Sandra Boynton And although it is called the Mom’s Family Calendar, this calendar is great for dads too. One of the most difficult things to do as a parent is keep your family’s schedule organized and straight, and the 2016 Mom’s Family Calendar will keep the schedules of up to five family members organized as well as a planner, yet it is so much easier to read for you and all of your family members.

The 2016 Sandra Boynton Mom’s Family Calendar is a wall calendar with two pages devoted to each month. Each month’s pages have vertical columns for each family member. You can fill in the names of each person at the top of each month, then mark down their activities and appointments on the grid for the appropriate day. The dates are listed in a column along the left hand side of each month’s pages. This calendar will do a great job keeping schedules organized, and avoiding conflicts between family members’ busy schedules.

Even the youngest member of your family will be able to read the pictures indicating when there is an activity for them in the box for that day. And older children can write in their own appointments and after school activities for their schedules. No more double scheduling. This is a great calendar for your home. I have owned a Mom’s Family Calendar since they first came out, one every year for over 12 years, and I wouldn’t give it up.

Boynton’s Artwork is Delightful | Children Love It

Each page in the Mom’s Family Calendar is full of Boynton’s work

The Mom’s Family Calendar is a great organizational tool, but it is also full of wonderful Sandra Boynton cartoon characters from her children’s books. (If you are not familiar with Sandra Boynton’s books, then you are really missing something wonderful. My children grew up on them, and both adults and children love them.)

Each month in the Mom’s Family Calendar has an appropriate theme that is populated with the whimsical animal characters that Sandra Boynton is known for, from dancing hippos, to frolicking frogs, and cows in tuxedos, and more.

Sandra Boynton is an expert on delightful whimsy, and her animal characters will bring a smile to members of your family from every generation. Even sulky teenagers cannot help but respond to the fun characters filling the pages of the Mom’s Family calendar.

To the right, you can see a page of a one month layout from Mom’s Family Calendar. Each month has a two page layout like the one to the right with the days and dates along the left side and the space for names at the top. Mom is filled in, but the rest of the columns are left blank for you to fill in for your family.

Along with the brightly colored decorations adorning each page, each Sandra Boynton Mom’s Family Calendar includes sheets of 500 stickers to use to mark special occasions like school events, 1/2 day of school, no school, field trips, playdates, sleepovers, haircuts, dentist appointments, dance class, camp, travel, birthdays, or other special moments.

You can also use the stickers to fill in empty spaces on the calendar just for fun. The stickers are pictures of more of the famous Sandra Boynton animal characters like the Boynton cat pictured here, rhinos in tuxedos, elephants reading, chickens in pajamas, cool cows in sunglasses, and flying cupid hippos.

2016 Mom’s Family Weekly Planner

Similar to the wall calendar but in desk calendar form.

2016 Mom’s Family Desk Planner

2016 Mom’s Manager Wall Calendar

This calendar is another wonderful organizing calendar for moms.

2016 Mom’s Manager Wall Calendar

2016 Mom Do It All Wall Calendar

The Mom Do It All Wall Calendar is another very popular choice for families. This is the wall calendar but it comes as a planner too. It comes with colorful stickers, thick paper for easy erasing, and a big pocket for scraps of paper and notes. You can hang this on the refrigerator because it has a magnet on the back.

2016 Mom Do It All Wall Calendar

2016 More Time Moms Fridge Wall Calendar

An 16-month calendar, the More Time Moms Fridge Wall Calendar is the original family organizer adapted for the fridge. Keep your clutter under control and your children organized with this fun calendar.

2016 More Time Moms Fridge Wall Calendar

2016 Mom’s Ultimate Planning Magnetic Wall Calendar

After 20 years, the Mom’s Ultimate Planning Magnetic Wall Calendar should be able to organize any family. This calendar is another great choice to keep your family members on time and where they need to be.

2016 Mom’s Ultimate Planning Magnetic Wall Calendar

Why Use a Paper Calendar?

With all the gadgets and smartphones around, why do we need a paper calendar? This is a great question, and if you are a single adult or using a business calendar, you may not need one.

However, for a family calendar, an always in sight, visual representation of everyone’s schedules is still the best bet. Young children can see it visually, and it keeps everyone aware of the total picture, not just their own.

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