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Monopoly Board Game

My Favorite Thing To Do Growing Up

Let’s take a trip and remember back when you were growing up. I know we all had a favorite toy that we just couldn’t live without. I myself had favorite toys that I love playing with such as Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake and Barbies. Although these were among my favorites, my absolute all time favorite thing to do was to play board games.

Board games were and still are very popular in our house. Now that I have a daughter of my own, although we will stop and play a good board game anytime of day we have made playing games part of our Sunday morning routine. My daughter, my parents and myself will have breakfast together as a family and then we will play the game of the day. In my opinion board games are timeless. I am happy to say that my daughter has a love for board games as well. Although I believe that her favorite among all of them would have to be Monopoly.

You Remember Monopoly

Everybody remembers the Monopoly board game. Who would have thought that after all of these years that this would be a game that is still to this day extremely popular. This is a game that can bring generations together. I don’t think any other game has turned so many game playing moments into great memories! One great thing about Monopoly is that whether you are discovering the fun for the first time or reliving the carefree days of youth you are going to have fun buying property, building houses and hotels, collecting rent and lets not forget trying to stay out of jail.

Monopoly Board Games

Monopoly Board Game The Classic EditionMonopoly Luxury EditionMonopoly Board GameMonopoly Vintage Game Collection

A Favorite Household Game

Monopoly has been a favorite in our house for years. When I was younger and we would decide to play Monopoly we always did it knowing full well that the game was not going to be over that day. There was so much competition and fun going on that the game would last days, sometimes even a week or more. Since my mom never let us win, my brother and I were always so determined that one of these time we were going to beat her. (This didn’t happen very often…LOL)

We would start off the game and after playing for quite sometime we would decide to take a break and finish it later, so we would just slide it under the couch until we were ready to play again. Because my brother and I were not going to put the game up since no one had won yet. So, like I said the same game of Monopoly sometimes could last a week or longer. We always had so much fun with this one.

Monopoly is a good game to help teach about managing your money. You can learn about investments, what type of properties are good to invest in. And you definitely learn patience when playing this one.

I know Monopoly is going to remain a favorite in our house. I started teaching my daughter how to play Monopoly at the age of 4 and she loved it then. She picked it up pretty fast and she actually beat me the first time she played. She is now 9 years old and loves it even more. We have had a couple of games that have lasted almost a month. I am glad she loves this game so much!

Unexpected Life Lesson

I didn’t realize it until later down the road, but I really learned a lot from sitting down and playing our favorite games together. I think one of the best things that my mom could have done for my brother and I when it came to playing board games was that she NEVER let us win. If we won we would get so excited because we knew that we were the ones that actually accomplished this. I realize now that this just helped us to be even more determined individuals. We learned at an early age that we could do anything that we put our minds to. If we wanted something we had to go for it because it was not just going to be handed to us.

Who knew that you could learn such a valuable lesson from playing board games?

Disney Monopoly Board Games

Disney Monopoly Game Pop Up CastleDisney Monopoly Game Villains EditionMonopoly Disney EditionDisney Monopoly2001 Disney Edition Monopoly Board GameMonopoly: Brave Collector’s Edition

So Many Different Monopoly Games

Who would have thought that there could be so many different versions and themes for one board game? You of course of the classic version of Monopoly but if this does not suit you that is not a problem. You can find character Monopoly games, sports team Monopoly games, and popular movie themes Monopoly just to name a few. I am sure that you will not have a problem finding the perfect Monopoly game to suit you or who you may be buying it for.

Christmas Monopoly Games

So, I can’t think of a better board game to play at Christmas time other than Christmas Monopoly Games. I never knew that there were Christmas themed Monopoly board games, but when I found these I have to say that I was just a little excited. I love to get something different for my daughter every year at Christmas time that we can do together, so a Christmas Monopoly Board Game is definitely going on my list to choose from this year.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer MonopolyTim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas MonopolyChristmas Story MonopolyChristmas-opolySnowman-opoly

Movie Themed Monopoly Board Games

Do you have a favorite movie? Chances are there is a Movie Themed Monopoly Board Game for it. One of my favorite movies is Pirates of The Caribbean, so I am pretty excited to have a chance to check out the Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly Game.

Pirates of the Caribbean MonopolyMonopoly The Hobbit Trilogy EditionMonopoly: Lord of The Rings Collectors EditionMonopoly: Dr. Who Edition 50th Anniversary Collector’s EditionMonopoly – Star Wars Original Trilogy EditionMonopoly The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Cartoon Themed Monopoly Board Games

Although I really liked playing the Classic Monopoly Board Game when I was younger, I would have loved to have played one of the Cartoon Themed Monopoly Board Game. I’m a huge Scooby-Doo fan so I think that if I would have been able to choose from one of these I would have definitely went with the Scooby-Doo Monopoly Board Game. One of the great thing is that if you have a child who is a little reluctant when it comes to playing board games if you find a cartoon theme that they like it may just help to get them interested in playing a great game.

Scooby Doo Monopoly, Fright Fest EditionMy Little Pony Monopoly GameMonopoly: The Smurfs Collector’s Edition Board GameTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 30th Anniversary MonopolyMonopoly – Shrek Collector’s EditionMonopoly Garfield Collector’s Edition

Monopoly Junior Board Games

Monopoly Junior Board Games are great if you would like to introduce your little one to a great game. The concept, instructions and play are geared more for a younger child’s understanding. Some kids will get put off of playing a game if they find it too difficult, and it will be hard to get them interested in playing again. Not all kids are like this I agree, there are kids that like a challenge and maybe put off from the junior version. You know your kids so if you think that they will find the junior version too easy even if they are younger then by all means get the full version. Monopoly can be a great learning game as well, I used it to help teach my daughter math and how to correctly count back money.

Disney Planes Monopoly JuniorMonopoly Junior Board GameMonopoly Junior Game Frozen EditionMonopoly Junior PartyMonopoly Junior Game, Disney Sofia the First EditionMonopoly Junior – How to Train Your Dragon

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