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Mood Ring Color Meanings and Chart

All About Mood Ring Colors Meaning

Are you eager to know all about mood ring colors meaning? Then you have come to the right place. Mood rings and other pieces of jewelry were highly popular in the late sixties and even more in the early seventies. Most of the people who are now in their 50s got mood rings as children and enjoyed seeing their ever changing colors.

Mood ring colors change with your state of mind. Are you joyous? Your mood ring will show off the related color. Are you angry? Then you are going to see the mood ring change into a dark colored ring. Below you will get an overview of the different mood ring colors and the meaning associated with each of these colors.

Look at the beauty of those gradients… Beware, the brightest colors aren’t necessarily associated with the best of your state of mind. Ready to embark in my journey to the discovery of your state of mind? Let’s go.

The Colors and Meanings of Mood Rings

What do the colors on mood rings mean

If you ever wondered the meaning of your mood ring colors which change as your own mood changes, here is a short guide that will allow you to find out what the color of your mood ring means, as well as define the mood of any people wearing such ring or other piece of jewelry that have the same qualities.

Although black relates to wealth, luxury and career, black color on mood rings will relate to stress, excitation, high negative energy, anger. However, black might also mean that your mood ring has been damaged or is broken.

What does the color grey mean on your mood ring? Well, it’s a symbol of anxiety, (more or less intense) fear, weird feelings.

Known for being the color of innocence and purity, white on your mood ring may have a completely opposite meaning and tell you that you’re tired, bored, unenthusiastic or frustrated. Instead, you might also be contemplative, thoughtful and rational.

Generally speaking, besides its sensual meaning, purple represents the color of spirituality; and this applies on your mood ring as well. Indeed, if you see an array or purple color, this may imply that you’re experiencing sensuality, but also can be haunted by memories or regrets.

Although pink is the color of love, on your mood ring, the meaning of pink isn’t the same as in Feng-shui, for example. On one hand, if your mood ring displays an array of pinks, it would mean that you’re impatient, anxious about something you fear. On the other hand, you may also be enamored, fascinated or even obsessed with someone or something.

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From Blue To Red – Mood Ring Color Meanings

Find out more about your emotions

Are you still with me? I am going to keep listing the different meanings for your mood stones. The gradient covered runs from blue violet to red.

Blue Violet
Blue violet is the color of passion; therefore, your mood ring tells you that you’re really and deeply happy and romantic, you’re reaching your life’s full potential or are experiencing an extremely high passion and might be extremely in love.

Violet on your mood ring indicates that you’re in love, you’re sentimental about things you’re facing, it may also mean that you’re happy, feel intrigued by the things that happen and wish to learn more.

Violet Red
If your mood ring is violet red, it may mean that you feel down in the dumps, depressed, or experience emotional peaks, hopelessness…

Brown color on a mood ring may signify that you have some heated emotions, that you’re particularly reactive to events, probably troubled or fear something. It is also a symbol of rebellion; therefore, if you see this color on your mood ring today, pay attention to your attitude in general.

Red is the color of energy; also often associated with fire and passion. The color relates to confidence, passion, joy and when it comes to mood rings, it would mean that you’re active, agitated, excited, thrilled, at some point you might be under pressure, stressed or alarmed or lack of confidence.

From Orange to Lime – Mood Ring Colors and their Meanings

Learn more about your mood and feelings through colors

Here we are going to cover the brightful colors red, orange, yellow and lime green. However and although these colors are real energizers and are bright, their meanings aren’t always exactly the same.

Red Orange
Red orange is a gradient of the red color; in this instance your mood ring might thell you that you’re stimulated, exasperated, worried, you might have provocative behaviors…

Orange is a stimulating color and on your mood ring, it shows that you have exciting thoughts, that you have exciting ideas, you may also be disturbed and anxious, somewhat angry, impatient or quite nervous.

Since orange/yellow is stuck between orange and yellow, such color on your mood ring may signify that you’re challenged, a bit confused or nervous, somewhat anxious or upset about someone or something. This color may also relate to passion and ingenuousness.

Yellow is often considered as the color of sunlight and provides us with a sensation of warmth. However, this is also a stressful color. Whenever your mood ring becomes yellow, you’ll learn that you have mixed feelings, you don’t feel quiet, you’re not really tensed either, you’re circumspect as well as daring all at once.

Yellow/Green – Lime Green
Yellow/Green or lime green is mid-way between yellow and green. Through this color, your mood ring may tell you that you’ve strange emotions, you’re troubled, you’re expecting something that, at the same time you fear, you may be worried or sad.

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Mood Ring Colors and Meanings: Final

From green to purple state of mind

Here is the final list including colors and ways to interpret them when you look at your mood ring. These gradient lists apply for all kinds of mood jewels, including bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Green is a color that relates to nature and positive vibrations. On a mood ring, green indicates that you’re relaxed, your mood is neutral, you feel fine, you keep off stress, this doesn’t mean that you’re insensitive, though.

Mid way between green and blue, this color appearing on your mood ring may also let you and others know that you’re normal, although you’re relaxed, you enjoy the day and life in general, you’ll be interested in anything brought to your attention.

Slate blue
Slate blue on your mood ring will teach you that today you’re sincere and reached some kind of peace of mind, beware however, as your mood may change a few times in the day and you might experience some tremulous feelings.

Blue is the color of our sky and our oceans and often relates to quietness, however, it is also a depressing color. Regarding the meaning of blue on a mood ring, it may let you know that you’re at ease, quiet, peaceful, that you see things and life through rose colored glasses.

Dark blue
Dark blue is often used to favor sleep. On your mood ring, dark blue will mean that you’re happy, positive, happy, comfortable, cheerful, friendly.

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Mood Ring Color and Meaning Chart

How Do Mood Rings Work

Learn how colors change on mood jewels

This article was first published by Holly Day back in 2011 on the now defunct Squidoo site. It’s been now split into two different parts so as to not have you confused because of its length.

Click here to learn how do mood rings work.

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