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Moonstone- The Calming Gem

Moonstone Is A Holder of Many Properties

Ana Silver Co Rainbow Moonstone 925 Sterling Silver Pendant 1 1/2

When I first heard of this stone I was very intrigued and had to find out more about it. I enjoy researching gemstones and minerals and learning about their special qualities. I was pleased to find that Moonstone has quite a long history.

While this semi-precious gem may not be well known, I think it is certainly a gorgeous gemstone. I love the pure look and the surreal but simple sparkle. You can wear this jewel with anything and everything and watch it magically reflect the surrounding colors. And since this is a natural stone, there are no two that are alike.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if just by having an object in your possession you felt calm, protected and had more energy?

I think anyone would be happy to possess a stone that would accomplish all of these things. I know that I would. In my research, I found that according to legend, Moonstone is a holder of all of these properties and more. Each culture has had its own interpretation of this fabulous gemstone. It is considered a feminine stone but also one to bring out men’s emotions. This gemstone has been considered a protector of pregnancy and childbirth. Some cultures believe that by carrying this stone, fertility will be increased. It also promotes growth and renewed energy. It has been called “holy” and “a dreamer’s stone”. The most common healing property of Moonstone is its calming effect and stress relief. This is a perfect stone to use while meditating.


Where Can I Find Moonstone?

 Sterling Silver Hand Made Cuff Accented with Genuine White Moonstone …Made in America

Since I had not heard of Moonstone before, I wasn’t sure where I could purchase such a gemstone. Surely I had not seen it in my local department store.

I found to my delight quite a few unique jewelry pieces online and especially at Amazon.com. I chose a few of my favorites to share with you.


Moonstone Necklaces and Pendants

Each One is Beautiful and Unique

 The Moon and Tides in Silver with a Rainbow Moonstone …Jewelry Made in America Moonstone pendant necklace, ‘Moon Goddess Charm’ – Moonstone Necklace Sterling Silver Artisan Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver RAINBOW MOONSTONE Necklace, 17 2/4 Rainbow Moonstone Oval Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver – Chain Included Stunning Sterling Silver Victorian Necklace with Grey Moonstone Made in America Rainbow Moonstone Pendant Sterling Silver Freeform Shape Mariana Antique Silver Plated Black Leather Cord Necklace with Moonstone Gemstone Pendant De Buman 42.41ctw 925 Silver Genuine Moonstone Pendant Necklace(18-inch Chain) Sterling Silver 16

If you are wondering where Moonstone comes from as I did, it is part of the mineral group Feldspar.

 Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Latch Back Earrings

I had never heard of Feldspar before and how interesting it is that this mineral covers a good portion of the earth. The right two species of feldspar need to combine and layer in order to produce Moonstone. It is usually translucent and will take on surrounding color which gives it a warm glow. It is this reflection of light that makes this stunning gemstone appear to change colors.


Moonstone Bracelets

 925 Sterling Silver RAINBOW MOONSTONE Bracelet, 7.38 – 8.13 Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver and Moonstone Rosary Bracelet 7 Inches + 1 Inches 925 Sterling Silver RAINBOW MOONSTONE Bracelet, 5.88 – 7.38 7 Sterling Silver Bracelet with Rainbow Moonstone Accented with Citrine …Made in America Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver 7 Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet – Multi-color Chakra Bracelet – 7 1/2 Sterling Silver Owl of the Dark Night Cuff Bracelet with White Moonstone …Made in America 925 Sterling Silver RAINBOW MOONSTONE Bracelet, 6.25 – 7.63

Did you know that…

 Sterling Silver Necklace Pendant Moonstone Smooth Rainbow Blue Teardrop X Large Shape

…the finest Moonstones come from Sri Lanka?
…two thirds of the Earth’s rocks contain feldspar?
…Moonstones are considered a “soft stone” and need to be handled with care?


Moonstone Earrings

 Natural Moonstone 925 Sterling Silver Triquetra Celtic Knot Earrings Rainbow Moonstone Polished Edge Round Sterling Silver Earrings 925 Sterling Silver RAINBOW MOONSTONE Earrings, 1.25 5MM Natural Moonstone 925 Sterling Silver Balinese Stud Earrings ZilverPassion Sterling Silver Round 6mm Rainbow Moonstone Stud Earrings, Bezel Setting, June Birthstone Ana Silver Co Rainbow Moonstone 925 Sterling Silver Earrings 1 1/4 Rainbow Moonstone Earrings Freeform Shape and Circle Dangle Drop Sterling Silver Sterling Silver with Yellow Gold Flashed Rainbow Moonstone and Amethyst Drop Earrings Moonstone stud earrings, ‘Morning Frost’

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