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Moschino Barbie

Moschino Barbie Dolls, Accessories & Everything Moshino Too!

Moschino Barbie Dolls are Here!

Yes it happened. Mattel and famous runway Italian Designer Moschino have collaborated and made an amazing new Barbie Doll. This is a highly sought after doll so few are available but more should be coming soon.

This limited edition Barbie is available online here in the blonde haired version. Other versions and accessories should be coming out soon, so bookmark this page and check back for more to come.

This is an extremely rare collectible doll and it is advised to keep her intact unopened in the box if you want the value to increase over a period of time. If not the doll can be played with but will not hold its value as well of course.

If you are a collector of the best Barbies, then this doll is surely for you! She can be displayed or played with, your choice. This is a rare collaboration of the famous Italian designer Moschino and Mattel.

Featured below is the Barbie Moschino and accessories available for sale at this time.

For more information and pricing click on the pics and tags below. A search bar is provided as well.

Moschino Barbie

Moschino Barbie Blonde Version NRFB limited editionView Now

Moschino Barbie® Doll is a creative collaboration between the Italian luxury brand and our perfectly playful style icon. She wears a fishnet crop top and cycling shorts, and comes with a jacket, skirt, and oversize tee to mix up her looks. Eye-catching accessories include hat, sunglasses, necklaces, belt, handbags, and backpack. Fantastically coiffed hair completes this retro-inspired reinvention of Barbie® style.


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