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Loveliest Mother’s Birthstone Jewelry Gifts

Mother’s Birthstone Jewelry Makes Fantastic Gift Ideas

Mother’s birthstone jewelry includes rings, pendants and bracelets. They are the most treasured gifts one can get a mother on her birthday or Mother’s Day. Mother’s birthstone jewels have a great emotional appeal. Family jewelry has a long history that scholars agree originated in the Old Testament story of the breastplate of Aaron, the first high priest.

Each stone of the breastplate was believed to carry special mystical powers. It was supposed to represent one of the twelve tribes. Each sign of the zodiac or birth month is designated by a gemstone, which represents the personality traits of a child born under that sign.

In the spiritual sense, the woman who wears a personalized piece of Mother’s birthstone jewelry is protected or empowered by the personality traits of each of her children.

Mother’s Birthstone Rings

One gem per family member

A Mother’s birthstone ring is any ring that symbolizes each member of the family with a birth stone. These jewels are symbolic keepsakes that represent a mother’s or grandmother’s unique family.

These unique pieces of jewelry are personalized with stones. The gems are either genuine birthstones or simulated gems. They signify the birth month of each child or family member. Each ring contains from one to 8 birthstones. The perfect circle of a Mother’s birthstone ring represents continuity (as seen in the eternal circle of the seasons). The shape of a circle has always been a metaphor for faithfulness, unity, eternity or perfection.

Personalized Mothers Ring Customized Solid 10karat White or YellowMothers Ring Customized Solid 10karat White Yellow or RoseInfinity Mothers Ring Customized Solid 10k White Yellow or

Mother’s Rings – 14k Original Mother’s Ring holds 1-6Mother’s Rings – 14k Original Mother’s Ring holds 1-5Mother’s Rings – 14k Original Mother’s Ring holds 1-7Mother’s Rings – 14k Original Mother’s Ring holds 1-7Birthstone Rings – 14k White Mother’s RingMother’s Rings – 14k Original Mother’s Ring holds 1-7

Mothers Birthstone and Name Rings

Gathering of gems and kids’ names

Mother’s birthstone and name rings are very similar to the previous ones. These are another style of themed Mother’s birthstone jewelry available in today’s market. Personalized gem and name rings are stackable and each one has a child’s name etched or engraved on it.

These jewels can be given on any kind of special occasion. For example, friends give such a present to a new mom. A husband gives it to celebrate a special anniversary. Children surprise their mom on Mother’s Day.

Our Family Is A Circle Of Love: Sterling Silver Personalized Birthstone RingDe Buman Customized Sterling Silver Couple’s Name and Birthstone925 Sterling Silver Personalized Name Family Bypass Ring WithSterling Silver Personalized Name Birthstone Journey Family Ring

Personalized Yellow 14k Gold Laser EngravedMother’s Name Rings – White Gold 14k or 18kMothers Name Birthstone Rings – 14k or 18k Gold

Mother’s Birthstone Pendants

These come in many different designs

Mother’s birthstone jewelry is custom made whether it contains the name of each child, or the gem related to the child’s birth month.

The setting design of the birthstone pendants can be anything you like if you choose to design it yourself. Common designs are floral, free form or vintage filigree patterns. In any way, all are beautifully conceived and look outstanding once worn.

These pendants make stunning gifts that are meant to last for ever.

Family Jewelry – 14k Original Mother’s Pendant holds 1-9 birthstonesSterling Silver Floral Mother’s Cross Pendant with four BirthstonesMother’s Name Birthstone Pendants – 14k or 18k Yellow GoldMothers Birthstone Pendants – Sterling Silver Mother’s Pendant with 1Six Gemstone 14K Gold Mother’s Birthstone Trillion cut Mother’s PendantSterling Silver Mother’s four Birthstone Family Tree Necklace PendantMother’s Pendants – 14K Gold 0.05ct Diamond Birthstone Pendants SixMother’s Sterling Silver Heart four Birthstone Family Pendant14k Gold Laser Engraved Layered Birthstone Name Mother’s Omega Pendant

Mother’s Birthstone Bracelets

Unique gift ideas for moms and grandmas

Then one also finds Mother’s birthstone bracelets. These are similar to rings and pendants. However, such bracelets are more rare then rings and necklaces. Though with a bit of luck you may find some in stores. Because they are so hard to find, they definitely make one of a kind gifts for Mothers.

Family Bracelet for Grandmothers & Mothers – Birth Month Crystals & Sterl. Silver BeadsSterling Silver Mothers Family Bracelet – Holds up to 7 Birth Months – Crystal, Toggle

Mother’s Cuff bracelet – 14k Gold Original Mother’s Cuff bracelet holds 1 – 14 3.75mm birthstones

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  1. I Love some of these mother;s birth stone jewels featured here.

  2. I have never worn rings at all, but in my old age, I am starting to think I want one and a birthstone would be fabulous!

  3. The birthstone bracelets are stunning. These are lovely gifts that are always appreciated because moms can just glance at their jewelry and be reminded of all that precious love.

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