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Mother’s Day Photo Vases For Those With Dementia

Do you ever find it hard to know what to get your Mom for Mother’s Day? I do. Sure you can get all the traditional things cards and flowers but what do you get for a Mom who has memory problems. I found a really unique idea that I haven’t seen before. A vase that you can put a photo in. How cool is that! I’d have never thought of it but I absolutely love the idea. A perfect photo would been of you and your Mom to be in a vase like that. Then fill it with her favorite flowers. If she’s not into fresh flowers you can put artificial ones in it. They are the flowers that last forever plus sometimes better for a parent who might not know when to water or not water the flowers.

Seriously I do have a hard time figuring out what to get my Mom every year. She’s gotten pickier in her older days now and doesn’t need as much as she did in her younger days. So what I’ve found to be the most helpful now are photo gifts. It helps with her memory to see her family in pictures; it’s that familiar face that keeps the memory going since she has progressive Dementia. Photos show what words can’t sometimes. It’s a meaningful way to say I love you Mom. You’re thought of often and in my heart! When you show up with that vase with a photo of you and her with her favorite flowers she’ll be so surprised and thankful you thought of her. She’ll feel like the luckiest Mom in the whole wide world!

Me and My Mom

Rectangle Photo Vases

These two vases are clear all the way around giving it a beautiful touch. Just slide your photo into the front of it on the outside of the frame. Add some clear gem stones in the bottom of the vase with water or without water for giving it an added touch. Then put in your Mom’s favorite flowers. Oh how happy she will be to receive them from you.

With these vases you can also engrave them with your names. That is truly a special feature and even another great idea for a Mom with Dementia who has trouble remembering names; even yours. When she looks at your photo there will be your name to go with it.

 Personalized Glass Photo Vase Personalized Glass Photo Vase

Ceramic Photo Vase

Another Neat Mother’s Day Photo Vase

This photo vase is different than the clears one’s where you slide a photo in the front it. It has a removable wood frame in front a ceramic vase. It is designed to just slide on and off of it which is really neat. A very modern photo frame. What’s really nice with this is that you can change the photo of the frame to a newer one as Mom and daughter/son get older if you like. Maybe change it to a family photo too. Whatever you think Mom would like as the memory grows shorter at remembering.

 Umbra Fotoflora 4 X 6-Inch Frame Vase, white high gloss

Vase With Photo Frame

This video shows you exactly how this neat vase and photo frame works.

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  1. What a great idea. The photo vases look great!

    • CherylFay

      Thanks Virginia. As my Mom’s Dementia has progressed I’ve seen such a great need for photo’s for her. The vases would be great for anyone though too.

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