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My 2004 Ford Mustang 3 9L Upgrades

How I Am Upgrading My 2004 Ford Mustang

I recently purchased my second Ford Mustang. It is a 2004 Ford Mustang built during the 40th Anniversary Year. Mine isn’t the special edition, but a V6 3.9L coupe model. On this page I will attempt to explain some basic upgrades I have performed on my 2004 Ford Mustang.

Most Mustang owners catch the modding bug very soon after purchasing their first Mustang. This is my second Mustang. I didn’t catch the mod bug on my first Mustang because I didn’t own it long. Keep reading below where I will discuss some of my favorite modifications I have done or plan to do to my Mustang. If you have a 2004 Ford Mustang, this page may inspire you or give you new ideas for your own ride.

Here Is My 2004 Ford Mustang V6 3.9L

I Wrapped Interior Pieces in Carbon Fiber

 TC 3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Bubble-Free Film Wrap – BLACK 60

The most recent changes I made to my Mustang is wrapping interior pieces with carbon fiber film. I wrapped the center console cover with carbon fiber to hide some scratches and ugly marks.

Carbon fiber film can wrap around many surfaces and add a whole new look to your interior. Hide ugly scratch marks and scuff marks by wrapping the interior piece in carbon fiber film.

I wrapped the center console cover, both triangle side window moldings, and both door sill plastic covers. I bought two packages of carbon fiber film for around 14.99 each and still have some left over. I may wrap some pieces under the hood soon.

Here is the same type of carbon fiber film, plus some other choices for you.


 Black Metro 3D Flexible Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap Film 48 Gloss Black 3M DI-NOC Carbon Fiber DINOC Flex Wrap CA-1170 48 3M Scotchprint 1080 Carbon Fiber Vinyl Flex Wrap Black CF12 60

Some Pieces Of My Interior Wrapped In Carbon Fiber

Center Console Removal & Vinyl Wrap

Watch this video to learn more about how to install carbon fiber wrap to a center console.

I Added Some Color To My 3.9 L V6 Motor

 Dorman 86666 10′ Red 3/8

To dress up the motor in my 2004 Ford Mustang, I purchased some of this red conduit and covered all of the hoses the were showing. Those hoses were faded black and pretty dirty, now they are all red and look real clean and nice.

I used a 3/8 and a 3/4 size to cover my hoses and wires. There are several other colors available to purchase too. My car is red so I wanted some red inside the motor compartment!

I spent $10 on this upgrade. For 10 bucks, I am super happy about the results.


 Dorman 86669 Red 3/4 Dorman 86645 WIRE CONDUIT RED 3/8X5 Dorman 86650 Red 3/8

Photos of My 3.9L V6 Ford Mustang Motor

Adding the red conduit covering only cost around $11 bucks tax and all. They can easily be removed or replaced. Many colors of this stuff is available too.

I Added LED Light Strips To Illuminate My Floorboards

 Fuloon (TM) 7 Color LED Under Car Glow Underbody System Neon Lights Kit 48

I turned my interior into a rock and roll concert! I took two LED light strips that can change colors and flash in 10 different light patterns, including flashing to the beat of my music. There is also a setting for the cool Knight Rider light pattern.

My light kits came with remote controls. Only issue is I have two remotes, one for each light strip. I would prefer to have only used one controller.

I installed a light strip up in my dash so each strip shines down towards the floorboards. It looks awesome at night time!


 Fuloon 7 Color LED Under Car Glow Underbody System Neon Lights Kit 36 MaxSale 48 RGB LED Light Strip Scanner knight rider Strobe Car Under Hood 1ft Car LED Knight Rider Flash Strobe Scanner Light Red

Interior LED Lights

Maybe be against the law in your area, check with your local law enforcement to see before making your purchase!

I Added More Bass To My Stereo

 Dual Electronics DS12 12 inch Car Subwoofer

To get some extra thump out of my favorite songs, I installed a 12 Inch Dual Subwoofer in an enclosed box. I am not very educated in stereo equipment, so I am not sure if Dual is a decent brand or not, so make sure to do your own research to find a subwoofer you like best.

Adding this 12 inch subwoofer was a big improvement to my tunes. I hooked it up to a Dual 400 Watt Amplifier. I am very happy with my music now. I am not so sure my neighbors like it very much though!!


 Boss Audio CE12DVC 2200 Watts 12-Inch Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Subwoofer Dual XPE2700 400W Max, 2-Channel MOSFET XPE Series Power Amplifier Boss CX124DVC Chaos Exxtreme 12

My 12 Inch Subwoofer and 400 Watt Amp

I haven’t bolted the amp down yet!

How To Install Amp & Subwoofer in Any Car

2004 Ford Mustang V6 Billet Grille Insert

 99-04 Ford Mustang V6 V8 GT Billet Grille Grill Insert # F66021A

To dress up the front end a bit, I purchased a chrome grill insert. This grill installs right over the stock mesh grill and bolted in very easily.

It can be a little challenging to reach behind the stock mesh grill and secure the nuts on the screws that hold this grill in place. After dropping the nuts times, I finally managed to get the nuts started and secured. I am very happy with the looks. This upgrade only costs around $35.00 or so.


Here Is A Picture Of My Front Grill

My Next 2004 Ford Mustang Upgrade

 99 00 01 02 03 04 Ford Mustang V6 Cold Air Intake red (Include Air Filter)FD-6R

One of my next upgrades will be a cold air intake. Cold air intakes will add an extra bit of horse power to your motor.

Some cold air intakes come with tuners to program your motors computer for the new rush of cold air entering your engine. This is a really good upgrade if you can afford it.

There are also cold air intakes for your 2004 Ford Mustang that don’t have tuners. They are more affordable and a great place to start when you are wanting increased horsepower.


 99 00 01 02 03 04 Ford Mustang V6 Cold Air Intake blue (Include Air Filter)FD-6B BBK 17185 Blackout Finish Cold Air Induction Intake System for Ford Mustang BBK Performance 1718 96-04 Mustang GT BBK Cold Air Intake Kit System

Thanks For Checking Out My 2004 Ford Mustang

My Mustang sports a 40th anniversary badge, as did all Mustangs made in 2004. But only a limited number of special edition Mustangs were built. Mine isn’t one of the special edition cars. The special edition cars had different rims, paint colored side mirrors, upgraded head rests, rally racing strips, and a few other cosmetic extras.

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  1. Wow..you have been working hard on that lil red car. When do we get to ride in it???

  2. Susan

    What a great looking car, who would not love to have this hot Mustang.

  3. Dianne

    Looks like a cool car with some very nice upgrades. I like the center console and the lights.

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