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My Favorite Face Cream

Face Cream for Mature Women

As we age our skin care needs change. We oftentimes need to switch to different health and beauty items from the ones we used when we were younger.

I am in my late 50s and have found some face creams I love from AVON.

Some creams I tried simply didn’t moisturize adequately. Others made me break out (although this made me feel a bit like a teenager…wink, wink). Some creams are simply too oily for my preference.

I recently found a new favorite called “Farm Rx Super Greens Multivitamin (Vitamin A,B,C &E) Moisture Cream.”

This light, great feeling cream moisturizes my face without feeling oily, and without breaking me out. I absolutely love it! It has become my new favorite, but I’ll also share another AVON face cream that I love here.

Farm Rx Super Greens Multivitamin (Vitamin A,B,C &E) Moisture Cream

This is my new favorite face cream from AVON! It’s light, yet it moisturizes very well! It feels great on my face, too! It keeps my skin looking and feeling healthy! I use it after I shower each day, and before I put on my makeup. You can use it before bed, too, for skin that feels soft and supple when you wake up each morning.

Farm Rx Super Greens Multivitamin (Vitamin A,B,C &E) Moisture CreamFarm Rx Super Greens Multivitamin (Vitamin A,B,C &E) Moisture CreamFarm Rx Super Greens Multivitamin (Vitamin A,B,C &E) Moisture Cream


Visit the Farm RX Store on Amazon!

To learn about more Farm RX products, click on the photo below.

Farm RX Store on AmazonFarm RX Store on AmazonFarm RX Store on Amazon


AVON Anew Products

I have tried several of the Anew Face Creams, and I love them all! I truly do! The most recent one I have used is the Ultimate Day Firming, however the Platinum also works well for my late 50’s age. Their Vitamin C products are lovely, too. I love the Eye Brightening Cream! The other eye creams are fantastic, too. Everything I’ve tried in the Anew line, I have loved!

Click on the link below to find their store on Amazon, and take time to look over the products they offer. I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

Anew on AmazonAnew on AmazonAnew on Amazon


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