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How Natural Gas Production is a Valuable Energy Asset to the U.S.

During a time when energy independence is important for most countries, the United States is at the forefront of becoming the leader in the new energy revolution by means of shale oil reserves found underground, in areas such as Texas, West Virginia, and North Dakota where the oil mining and processing is being done.

Alternative Energy in Natural Gas Production

The high price of crude oil as well as the foreign oil crisis leaves no choice but to find alternative energy sources for home heating and cooling along with transportation fuel.

Shale gas is an important source of helping the environment by reducing the damaging effects of greenhouse gas emissions.  It starts with a method called hydraulic fracturing which is used to drill deep below the earths surface to extract oil from various rock formations.

Climate Changes from Greenhouse Gas Emissions

oil drill offshore

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency the planet is getting warmer and there are drastic climate changes happening currently so to determine the extent of damage to the planet it will require we take note of  how we generate electricity for businesses and homes, as well as the type of petroleum based gasoline we use in our vehicles.

Since electricity and transportation have been among the highest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions over the last decade it will be a challenge for industries to seek ways to reduce this carbon footprint while increasing energy efficiency at the same time.

United States Shale Oil Energy Asset

Shale oil will help the U.S. to take the lead with this valuable energy asset of natural gas production. The downside to this type of oil and gas drilling technology is the potential chemicals released contaminating water and air quality.

This not only causes a concern to environmentalists who are against the technique used to remove the kerogen found in the shale rock but also for the fracking companies who offer this type of natural gas and oil drilling services. Optimist see this as a small challenge considering the bigger issues facing the crude oil industry.

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