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Nautical Cabinets

These Nautical Cabinets Will Add Beauty to Your Home!

I love nautical design! These nautical cabinets are very lovely, and they will make nice additions to a bedroom, bathroom, living, room, etc.

Nautical design might include sea creatures, ship parts, navy and white stripes, and more. It can involve a variety of design features, but all will remind you of the sea.

These nautical cabinets can hold bedding, clothing, toys, craft supplies, household tools, and just about anything else you can think of.

Dress up any room in your home with a pretty nautical cabinet!

6 Drawer Accent Chest by Coast to Coast Imports

6 Drawer Accent Chest by Coast

This pretty little nautical cabinet features a weathered look and anchors on each color block area. The rope pulls offer another nautical touch, and are fun and unique. The top also bears freight-inspired stamps.

Use this in a bedroom, bathroom, craft room, or child’s play room for design and appeal with a nautical theme.

It can hold towels, personal care items, small craft supplies, small toys, socks, scarves, and more.


3 Drawer Chest by Coast to Coast Imports

3 Drawer Chest by Coast to

This gorgeous chest sports sea life designs on each drawer. The neutral color will go well with any furniture and wall color, and the design is elegant and unique.

Beach inspired, this chest is reminiscent of finding the perfect seashell and the feel of sand between your toes. Finished in a Cabras Champagne with Gold highlights and sandy textures. Each of the 3 drawers are adorned with souvenirs from the sea. Coordinating hardware adds more shine.


More Nautical Cabinets

I think you’ll enjoy these other nautical cabinets, chests, dressers, and other furniture, too! Lovely designs add appeal, interest and flare to any room in your home. Go nautical with a cool nautical cabinet!

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