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Nautical Lanterns Will Light Your Way

Nautical Lanterns Are Useful and Beautiful!

I love nautical design! Whether it’s bedding, art work or home decor, like the nautical lanterns I’m featuring here.

Nautical decor gives a feeling of the sea, which reminds one of soothing water flowing, crashing waves, seagulls singing and other lovely forces of nature. It’s tranquil and inviting.

The nice thing about these lanterns is that they can be used indoors and outdoors (in most instances). They are perfect for home or the office, and they make great gifts.

Display one on a bookshelf, one on your desk and one on your bedroom dresser. They are versatile and add beauty to any room in which you place them.

Ivory Lighthouse Candle Holder Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Pretty Ivory Lantern

The ivory lantern shown here looks so pretty with a votive candle in it. Light it in the evening to add a romantic ambiance to the room or to give off a soft glow while you relax and watch your favorite movie.

You could also place a few of these on your outdoor patio to give off lighting for a party or gathering of friends and family.

This nautical lantern would also make beautiful decoration for a wedding reception or bridal shower, too! As well as the perfect wedding or anniversary gift.

 Ivory Lighthouse Candle Holder Outdoor Hanging Lantern Ivory Lighthouse Candle Holder Outdoor Hanging LanternCHECK PRICE

Thoughtful Uses for Your Nautical Lantern

*Decorate your office in a nautical theme and add some lanterns for interest.
*Display one or more on a bookshelf in your library or den.
*A lantern looks lovely on your dresser or chest if you have a nautical theme.
*Place some outdoors on your patio or porch for decoration and lighting.
*They come in handy during power outages!
*A man cave is the perfect place for a nautical lantern.
*Give one as a gift for any occasion. Men and women alike will enjoy these!
*Place one on your entertainment center to be enjoyed by all

Luminous White Mini Lantern 5

One of these mini lanterns make great table centerpieces for a beach-themed wedding or other occasion. They also make lovely decor for a beach cottage, cabin or any home with a nautical themed room. Place a candle in them for a pretty glow. You can match the color of the candles with other accent colors in your rooms.

Luminous White Mini Lantern 5Luminous White Mini Lantern 5″CHECK PRICE

Use Your Lanterns Wisely

For Events: table centerpieces, door prizes, gifts

For Decorations: bedroom, living room, office

For Light: indoor mood lighting, during power outages, outdoor patio lighting

Electric Brass Lanterns

Electric or Oil Lanterns

Electric or oil lanterns are other options besides candle holder models. The electric ones really give off great light and can be used in place of a table lamp in any room of your home.

The oil ones are great when you want to save electricity or to use when your power goes out. You can also easily take these camping with you for light in your tent or around your camping site.

 Electric Hurricane Lamp w/shade – AntiqueView Now Handcrafted Nautical Decor Solid Brass AnchormasterView Now Handcrafted Nautical Decor Solid Brass ClipperView Now Electric Nautical Lamp – Antique BrassView Now Hurricane Lantern Antique Brass 9View Now Nautical Lighting Antique Brass Chiefs OilView Now Electric Lantern – Wall Lanterns LargeView Now Electric Lanterns – Brass Masthead LanternView Now Antique Brass Anchor Electric Lantern 15View Now Nautical Lamps Brass Nelson 15.5View Now Solid Brass Cargo Electric Lamp 18View Now Electric Lanterns – Antique Brass MastheadView Now

V&O Centennial Gold Trim Oil Lantern

This oil lantern is available in black (shown), green and red. It has a bit of a nautical look, and will go well with that theme. Use it as decoration or to light any room.


Oil lamps can be dangerous if knocked over. The oil can spill out and the flame can spread quickly. As with candle lanterns, you should always monitor use of your oil lanterns.

V&O Centennial Gold Trim Oil LanternV&O Centennial Gold Trim Oil LanternCHECK PRICE



Antiqued Iron Hanging Captain’s Lantern

I Love This One!

This design is so unique. I just absolutely love it!!! Can’t you imagine these place on your outdoor tables during a party? Or how about at your wedding reception or for a graduation party?

There are so many options for these lovely round lanterns. They also look antique, which to me makes them even more appealing and attractive.

These would definitely be my nautical lanterns of choice! Place a votive in the glass holder and let these light your event or add romance to your home!

Antiqued Iron Hanging Captain's LanternAntiqued Iron Hanging Captain’s LanternCHECK PRICE

Using Candle Lanterns for Weddings & Other Special Events

Wedding Decorations

If you are planning on having a beach wedding or nautical themed wedding, consider candle lanterns as part of your decorations.

They look lovely on guest tables, as well as the gift table and cake table. You can hang them from their hooks, too, as well as placing them on tables.

If you light them, they give off a nice glow that adds beauty to your wedding atmosphere. You really can’t go wrong when decorating with nautical candle lanterns!

Wedding Lanterns

 Luminous Mini-Lanterns with soy tealightView Now Gifts & Decor Medium Size VictorianView Now 20 WHITE WEDDING LANTERN CENTERPIECES FAVORSView Now Kate Aspen Vintage Lantern, BlueView Now Set of 4 Black Powder CoatedView Now Cream / Off White Hexagon MoroccanView Now Gifts & Decor White Scrollwork CandleholderView Now Gifts & Decor Large White LanternView Now Kate Aspen Rope LanternView Now Gifts & Decor Winter Fire CandleView Now Six Tall Ornate Silver & GlassView Now Luminous Black Mini-Lantern Tea Light HolderView Now Gifts & Decor Small White LanternView Now 3 Pack-Mini LED Lanterns With FlickeringView Now Kate Aspen Classic Lantern, GoldView Now Gifts & Decor White Fancy AntiqueView Now

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