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Nelis’ Dutch Village in Holland, Michigan

Visit Nelis’ Dutch Village Located in Holland, Michigan

Nelis’ Dutch Village was my favorite place to visit as a child. I went there often on school trips and with my family. It was so much fun looking in the gift shops and visiting the village homes and animal petting/feeding areas. I rode the carousel, but not the swing ride that they have. You can be weighed to discover whether you are a witch or a warlock or enjoy watching the ducks swim in the canal that runs through the village.

There’s a movie you can watch when you first enter Dutch Village, and it teaches you about the way of life in a real Dutch village of old. Learn the way they lived and discover fun facts.

It’s especially fun to visit during the Tulip Time festival that occurs yearly in the month of May. You can enjoy a variety of pretty tulips blooming all around the village area.

There are restaurants, candy shops (the fudge is to die for) and more little gift areas where you can buy mementos to remember you special time there. You can even watch wooden shoes being carved, and you can purchase some for yourself!

This is a fun place for children and adults! I still enjoy visiting Nelis’ Dutch Village every chance I get!!! Give it a try, and let me know what you think.

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Pretty Pink Tulips Dance in Front of a Building

Here are some tulips I photographed during one visit to Dutch Village. They look so pretty in front of the canal with the brick building in the background.

You need to visit in May in order to enjoy the tulips in bloom. They don’t last long and are a special treat to see!

I love the scenery around the village. It’s so lovely.

The Gift Shops

The gift shops are cool. They are packed with every imaginable gift you could ever want to purchase (for yourself or someone else). The beautiful Delftware dishes and tiles are pure Dutch.

You can watch someone carve out a wooden shoe while you sit on a homemade wooden log bench. They might even let you give it a try!

You can purchase beautiful decorated (or plain) wooden shoes in your size. Did you know they have to wear several pairs of thick socks to keep the shoes from hurting their feet?

You can even purchase small wooden shoe key rings. As well as back scratchers, ornaments, personalized items, large furniture items. You’ve just got to come to check out the gift shops!

Some specialize in candies such as fudge, peanut brittle and other candies. And you can watch the fudge being made!

They have cool hand-carved candles that you can also watch as they are being created. They make great wedding table centerpieces!

You want a hot dog or ice cream? They’ve got it here!

The Rides

Some Attractions Found at Nelis’ Dutch Village in Holland, MI

*Hand-carved candles made while you watch.
*Delftware (the blue and white dishes, tiles and gift items).
*Homemade fudge and peanut brittle. As well as other great food items!
*Wooden Bowls…plain or decorated.
*Children’s Dutch costumes.
*Wooden shoes (variety of styles).
*Tulip Bulbs
*Feed the farm animals.
*Swings (carnival ride).
*Dutch house and barn replicas.
*Folk dancers.
*Movie about Dutch Village.
*Many exciting sites and great food!

The Stork

There’s a large stork in the village that people can sit on and take photos. This was a fun tradition in our family. This is me on the stork when I probably around 6 years old. My parents are sitting on it in the photo below.

When you visit Dutch Village, you have to get your photo taken with the stork!

The Horse and Carriage

There’s a horse and carriage sitting in front of one of the buildings inside the village. You can sit on it and pose for photos from family and friends. It’s fun for kids and adults alike.

The two people here are my mom in the carriage, and my aunt standing near her. They are both no longer alive, so I treasure these photos.

Great memories have been made at Dutch Village for sure!!!

The Water Wheel

After you enter the village, you’ll have the option to watch a short movie about Holland, and just past that building there is a water wheel that turns. You have to cross the canal on a small wooden bridge that is located near this wheel.

It makes a great backdrop for a photo, as you can see here. This is my mom, grandma and aunt in front of the large water wheel.

My grandma passed away in 1989, so I’m thinking this photo was taken in the early 1980s.

Wooden Shoes

You can sit and watch wooden shoes being carved in the way they were done in the old days. They also make some up ahead of time to sell.

There are plain wooden shoes and colorful hand-painted wooden shoes available.

Did you know that they have to wear several pairs of wool or other thick socks in order to protect their feet from the hard wood and to help keep the shoes on?

All of the workers at the village dress in authentic costumes. That’s one thing that makes it such a fun place to visit!

The Animals

At Nelis’ Dutch Village there’s a large barn that often contains rabbits, chickens and other animals, and an open field full of sheep, goats, pigs and more.

You can buy food and feed the animals, and you can pet them.

Since I’m a huge animal lover, this is a favorite feature of mine.

More Fun Photos Taken at Dutch Village

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The first photo is of my mom and dad. Such sweet memories. I miss them both so much!

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