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New Year’s Resolutions that You really Can Do

Why make New Year’s resolutions you KNOW you can’t Keep?

Maybe the reason you can’t keep your New Year’s Resolutions is that you really don’t want to. A list of long resolutions that you are forcing yourself to keep is bound to be broken by January 5.

While we can change, and do change sometimes when we have to – it is not the most joyous way to live.

And our limbic brain that protects us I going to fight against changes that are very out of the norm.

This year I have decided to take a different approach to self improvement.

I am going to try to love myself more, and be more of who I naturally am, That is rather than forcing myself to try to be who I am not.

We shall see what happens when the end of the next year comes. Will I be thinner, richer, and with more friends and maybe in love?

I don’t know.

But maybe I can be happier.

And then we can just see what that looks like.

Most New Year’s Resolutions have us Fighting Against our Normal Self

Make ones that Fit you

If we decide to make ourselves do something, we are fighting against ourselves.

Maybe a different approach is to smile more by finding out what makes us smile – and being there more often.

Eat better by delicious ways to fix vegetables – like veggie chips: olive oil, and herbs. Or making delicious sneaky brownies with spinach.

Exercise in ways that are fun for us.

Find love – starting with ourselves.

And whatever else – be happy.

Let yourself BE yourself

You are precious.

You are one of a kind.

The world is so much poorer with out you.

Please don’t be normal – be you.


If you are going through hell – keep going by Winston Churchill.

If you are still here on this planet – you are needed. Don’t give up – if you are going through hell – keep going.

Use the Energy of the New Year to Inspire You to Creativity and Hope

Whoever you are – there is a more fun way to be you.

For instance a friend of mine told me that her New Years Resolution was to pick up a National Enquirer every time it really had an amusing story and make a scrap book.

I want to watch more plays. I am going to have to find them on line, but I will do it.

Maybe you could learn a joke a day. Like the Drag Queen Ongina said – “Life is a Celebration!”

What if the World Really Saw You?

The world is waiting for you. To see what kind of champion you are. What kind of blessing you can give. Resolve to shine this year.

Even if you are the lowest worm in the worm bin

You deserve love.

Who have you blessed up to this point?

Asking this is not an egotistical question – it is just realizing what a gift life is.

Even if you have not opened up yet, you have done a lot – just to be here now. Survived something. Maybe you have gone to school, had a job. Helped a pet.

And yet there is more inside of you – and this New Year will give an opportunity to explore it.

There are talents you have not discovered, people you have not blessed, writing you have not done, pictures you have not drawn, gardens you have not yet hoed.

Start with

Sometimes To Really Accomplish Something – you Have to Be Daring

Sometimes you have to buck the system and be brave.

As you explore who you are – you will find out what you want to do. Whatever it is to do – do it with daring.

Life can be Hard – But it is Worth it

We are made to Survive and come out the other end.

No year tested mankind’s strength and resiliency like 2020.

And yet we are still here.

We are robust.

The human song has not yet been finished.

In 2021 – remember the child inside of you

I believe that babies have a direct pipeline to God, and that it is easy to lose that. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if in this year you could open the pipeline again?

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  1. What a wonderful reminder and excellent resolution recommendations! I agree with you about needing to “open the pipeline” again. Sounds like the very best “resolution” any of us could make and keep.

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