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New York Yankees

New York Yankees – the 27 times winners of World Series. That tells it all! New York Yankees are the most successful Major League franchise.

Fans of other teams might disagree, but NY Yankees are the team that attracts the most media attention, most fans and generate probably the biggest sales of memorabilia.

In other words – New York Yankees are worth tons of money!

CC Sabathia, Derek Lowe and Rafael Soriano of Dominican Republic are currently the most valuable New York Yankees pitchers.

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If we move on to catchers – Canadian Russel Martin is the most valuable man in terms of contract – his salary is $7,500,000. However – Martin is not even close to the highest paid man in the team – CC Sabathia’s salary is $24,285,714.

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Outfielders: Japan’s Ichiro Suzuki ($18,000,000) leads the salary list of New York Yankees outfielders. He is followed by Nick Swisher ($10,250,000) and Curtis Granderson ($10,000,000).

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To clear the real truth: CC Sabathia’s salary is not really the highest by NY Yankees. Their greatest star and highest paid player is Alex Rodriguez. His salary is $30,000,000, but he is currently disabled. Alex Rodriguez is also already a celebrity. We don’t want to get yellow here, but one of Alex’s relationships was those with famous pop star Madonna.
Talking about salaries – among thirty teams participating in Major League Baseball, Yankees have the highest salary: it is estimated on 195,998,004. Do you understand now why I said above that Yanks are worth tons of money?

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Anyway – there’s another aspect of gathering cash, this time not for the team directly: Yankees related products are in fact mostly bannered with official team logo or official MLB logo. Massive World Series winners are having an army of devoted fans. Such a big army demands all sorts of merchandises and luckily for them – there are all sorts available. From very usual fan hats and jerseys, to furniture, kitchen stuff, car accessories – it’s all there!

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