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Newborn Halloween Costume Ideas

Newborn Halloween Costume Ideas for Parents

It has never been so much fun for parents than nowadays to select their newborn Halloween costume for their babies! The choice is simply stunning, from cute, to scary, to simply delicious, the themes are never ending.

Your only limit is your imagination! On this page I’ll feature some of the best newborn Halloween costume ideas for their creativity, simplicity, comfort and affordability, so your window shopping here should help you to make some choices for this Halloween costume theme. When you shop from this page you can often save off the regular retail price and sometimes even get FREE shipping through that link.

There are also some ideas for simple family theme costumes, Mom and Baby themes, and even how to make your own newborn baby Halloween costume.

Newborn Halloween Bunting Costumes

These are perfect for newborn Halloween costumes 0- 3 months

Rasta Imposta Tootsie Roll Bunting, Brown, 3-9 MonthsCheck PriceDeluxe Baby Bunting, Butterfly Costume, 1 to 9 MonthsCheck PriceDeluxe Baby Bunting, Lady Bug Costume, 1 to 9 MonthsCheck PriceDeluxe Baby Bunting, Pea in the Pod Costume, 1 to 9 MonthsCheck PriceDeluxe Baby Bunting, Bumble Bee Costume, 1 to 9 MonthsCheck PriceNewborn Football Bunting, Newborn Ages 0-9 months)Check PriceDC Comics Superman Baby Bunting Costume Superman Print, 0-9 MonthsCheck PriceMorris Costumes Skelebaby Bunting 0-9 MoCheck PriceCaptain America Bunting Infant Costume (0-6 Months)Check Price

Yummy Infant Costumes

Sweet peas, wonder bread, a strawberry, a Tootsie Roll….and more!

Your baby will look adorable in these food costumes featured above and below.

Infant Costumes That Are Cute Enough to Eat

Dress Up America Baby Apple, Red, 0-6 MonthsCheck PriceJunior Mints Bunting Infant CostumeCheck PriceSmarties Bunting Costume – NewbornCheck Pricebaby & toddler costumes – Wonder Bread Baby Bunting CostumeCheck PriceRubie’s Costume Trick Or Treat Sweeties Baby Hot Dog Costume, Multi, NewbornCheck PriceRubie’s Costume Trick Or Treat Sweeties Dunk Your Doughnut Costume, Pink, InfantCheck PriceRasta Imposta Bacon Bunting, Brown, 3-9 MonthsCheck PriceRubie’s Costume Trick Or Treat Sweeties Creamy Cookie Costume, Brown, InfantCheck PriceBunting (3-9 Months) Little Sugar Babies CostumeCheck Price

Fun and Funny Stuff!

These newborn Halloween infant bunting costumes are too much fun!

Funny characters Halloween newborn outfits to bring a smile on your face!

For those of you who like to create a family theme when you select your Halloween costumes, perhaps these character baby bunting costumes will suit your costumes theme

Batman The Brave And The Bold Baby Bunting, Batman Print, 0-9 Months CostumeCheck PriceStar Wars Baby Bunting R2D2 Costume, White, 12-24 MonthsCheck PriceLittle Elephant Baby Bunting CostumeCheck PriceCarter’s Baby Girls’ Halloween Costume (Baby) – Owl – 6-9 MonthsCheck PriceLobster Bunting Infant Costume 0-6 MonthsCheck PriceScooby-Doo Bunting Costume, 1 to 9 MonthsCheck PriceRubie’s Baby bunting Daisy costume size 0-9 monthsCheck PriceRubie’s Costume Deluxe Baby Bunting, Mermaid Costume, 1 to 9 MonthsCheck PriceSnow White Bunting Newborn Costume (Newborn)Check Price

Video: Homemade Baby Halloween Costumes

See this video for homemade newborn Halloween costume ideas! But you could also make a Mummy, by swaddling the baby in a white blanket and wrapping some elasticized gauze around it.un

Or how about a simple white ghost… just a white onesie with a white cap and some white facepaint.

A simple pumpkin could be made from an orange bunting outfit that you add some green felt leaves and maybe some black felt cutout shapes for where the scary pumpkin face would be. And remember that with costumes that have headpieces or hats, you will get wear out of them for a long while yet, with only small adjustments needed to be made as baby grows.

You can create a simple black cat with a black (or whatever color you want your cat to be) onesie, and just add a cap in the same color, that you add some felt cat ears to… just stitch or glue some triangles of felt, with a pink felt on the inside. And glue or stitch some felt pieces for a white belly, and some pink paw pads. Paint a pink nose and some black whiskers on baby’s face and you are done!

Then how about a simple Alice in Wonderland costume for mom, who then brings along an adorable White Rabbit character baby?

Mom could also wear a white outfit and a big Chef’s Hat, and bring along a basket of vegetables, with baby as peas or chilies!

Or how about Goldilocks with the Baby Bear? Or Dorothy with Toto the dog from the Wizard of Oz?

You can even swap roles and one of you be an Angel while the other is the little Devil!

Mom could be a Milk Maid with her Cow — or Heidi with one of the farm animals.

A cute idea might be for mom to be a Lion Tamer with her little Lion cub, or Jungle Jane with her little monkey. Or an organ grinder with velvet vest and pillbox hat (and big black mustache) and the baby is her little performing monkey.

I’m sure that when you look at these costumes you can soon come up with some wonderful fun co-coordinating costume theme ideas!

It’s a Bug’s Life

In the garden are bugs, vegetables, flowers and more!

In the Garden Infant Costumes

Flowers, ladybugs, butterflies and more are all found in a garden. Your infant will look adorable dressed as any of these pretty little things.

Deluxe Baby Bunting, Lady Bug Costume, 1 to 9 MonthsCheck PriceRubie’s Costume Noah’s Ark Satin Ladybug Costume, Red, 6-12 MonthsCheck PriceBre the Butterfly:12-18 Months (18 months)Check PriceNewborn Baby Butterfly Halloween Costume (3-6M)Check PriceI-fame Unisex-baby Halloween Trick or Treat Pumpkin Costume (4 Months- 2 Years) (S (4 – 7 Months))Check PriceBaby Pumpkin Infant Costume Age 0-6mo.Check PriceInCharacter Infant Flower Costume, Green/Pink/Yellow, 6-12 MonthsCheck PriceInCharacter Unisex-baby Newborn Sunflower Costume, Green/Yellow, Small (6-12 Months)Check PriceDress Up America Dazzling Baby Flower, Green/Pink, 0-6 MonthsCheck PriceRubie’s Costume Noah’s Ark Buzzy Bee Romper Costume, Yellow, 6-12 MonthsCheck Price

Adorable Animal Costumes for Babies

Infant animal costumes are the cutest!

An animal newborn Halloween outfit is always popular.

The first time I saw baby costumes I saw animal characters that absolutely delighted me. Some of the designs nowadays are simply stunning they are so gorgeous, and others are so funny you can’t help but smile when you see a baby face peeping out from one of them!

If you want to have a family Halloween costume theme that includes farm animals, or a whole zoo, then you can get some great ideas for them in the ones I have found to feature here for you.

InCharacter Baby Boy’s Playful Pony, Brown, Medium,(12-18months)Check PriceLil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Tiger Costume, Orange/Black/White, 12-18 monthsCheck PriceInCharacter Unisex-baby Infant Lion Costume, Brown, Small (6-12 Months)Check PriceLil Characters Infant Elephant Costume, Dark Grey/Light Grey, Medium/12-18 MonthsCheck PriceInCharacter Infant Monkey Costume, Brown/Tan, 12-18 Months (Medium)Check PriceRubie’s Costume EZ-On Romper Costume, Cozy Cow, 6-12 MonthsCheck PriceLil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Lobster Costume, Red/Orange, 12-18 monthsCheck PriceRubie’s Costume Baby-girls Infant Noah Ark Collection Lucky Lil Lamb Costume, Beige/Pink, NewbornCheck PriceRubie’s Costume Infant Noah Ark Collection Oatmeal Bear Jumpsuit, Brown/Beige, 18-24 MonthsCheck PriceInCharacter Unisex-baby Infant Puppy Costume, Tan/White/Black, MediumCheck PriceRubie’s Costume Infant Noah Ark Chickie Romper Dress, Yellow/White/Orange, 12-18 MonthsCheck PriceRubie’s Costume Baby Bunting Vanilla Bunny Costume, Vanilla, 6-12 MonthsCheck PriceRubies Precious Pink Bunny Rabbit Plush Newborn Romper Costume (0-6 Months)Check PriceFun World Costumes Baby’s Froggy Infant Costume, Green, LargeCheck PriceRubie’s Costume EZ-On Romper Costume, Parrot, 6-12 MonthsCheck Price

How scary do you want your baby to be this Halloween?

If you want to be The Addams Family, you will need some of these for baby:

If you are a family who likes to scare the neighbors witless every Halloween, you will enjoy some of these creepy and crawly costumes for babies.

And the final touch just has to be the baby pacifier with Vampire fangs – you are sure to get some pretty impressive double-takes from people when they see baby with its fangs!

InCharacter Baby Boy’s Count Cutie, Black/Purple, SmallCheck PriceInCharacter Unisex-baby Infant Baby Bat Costume, Black/Purple, LargeCheck PriceInfant Monster: Baby Monster Halloween Costume (6-12 months)Check PriceLil Monster Baby CostumeCheck PriceBilly Bob Vampire Pacifier UnisexCheck PriceVoberry® Newest Hot Sale Baby/Infant Funny Pacifier Teether Soother Front Teeth & Big Red Lips Orthodontic Nipples ((4))Check Price

Billy Bob Lil’ Pumpkin PacifierCheck PriceBilly Bob PIRATE skull & crossbones teeth BABY PACIFIER baby gag giftCheck PriceTwo Front Teeth (Red Lips) Baby PacifierCheck PriceChomp Baby PacifierCheck PriceMr Mo Pacifier (0-6 months) BPA & Phthalate FreeCheck PriceHalloweenCheck Price

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