The Nightmare Before Christmas Snow Globes and Collectibles

The Nightmare Before Christmas Neo-Gothic Fun

The Nightmare Before Christmas is filled with neo-gothic fun, with wacky characters and nightmarish antics. Typical of Tim Burton’s imagination, the characters are a mix of scary and funny, and the dark innocence is a wonderland of spooky scenes. With all of their quirks, these Tim Burton animated characters have become beloved of many, and there are interesting collectibles for you to decorate your home for Halloween.

Disney has created a wonderful collection of snowglobes and waterglobes that show the Nightmare Before Christmas characters caught in action that are a perfect fit for a Halloween party or just because. Since snow globes are usually associated with Christmas, the snow globes created for The Nightmare Before Christmas cast a gothic fun ambiance to what is usually a romantic fluffy genre.

Disney has made these globes unique, using bats and ghosts for confetti instead of snow, and showing off Jack Skellington and Sally at their best. Sometimes the characters are outside of the globes looking in, and some of the globes are glow-in-the-dark.

Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Celebrating Our Love

New for 2015

Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Celebrating Our Love

So cute, Jack and Sally celebrating their love inside the waterglobe while Lock, Stock and Barrel dance around the outside.

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Pajama Jack Skellington Waterglobe

Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Pajama Jack

This lovely collectible measures 5 inches tall. If you love the Nightmare Before Christmas, this piece is a wonderful addition to your collection. The use of the snowglobe/waterglobe design is a great parody on what you usually find in a waterglobe. Tim Burton’s dark imagination shows well here, in this vignette of Jack.

What Makes Nightmare Before Christmas So Much Fun?

What I love about this movie is that it is pure fun, and sort of an anti-Christmas movie, while yet still being about Christmas. It is filled with wonder and imagination, but in a totally different way that we have come to expect while celebrating Christmas. In a way, it is a Christmas mixed with Halloween celebration.

For anyone who loves gothic humor, this is just a lark, and the theme can be extended in so many ways.

NECA Nightmare Before Christmas “Snowmobile Jack” Waterball

NECA Nightmare Before Christmas “Snowmobile Jack” Waterball

This waterglobe is just plain cute. There is no other description, with Jack wearing his goggles and out for a ride. Who can resist it?

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Waterglobe

Westland Giftware Water Globe Figurine

My favorite part of this piece is the pinstriped base. For fans of Jack Skellington, this would be the perfect addition to your collection. Just plain fun!

NECA Nightmare Before Christmas “Jack with Open Presents” Waterball

NECA Nightmare Before Christmas

This officially licensed waterglobe is my favorite of the bunch this year. I love Jack dressed up as Santa. He looks so weird yet just right in red.

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Waterglobe

Westland Giftware Water Globe Figurine

Disney / Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Deluxe Snowglobe-‘What’s This?’

Disney Snow Globe Nightmare Before Christmas Jack ‘What’s This?’

This piece is a perfect example of the creativity of this particular collection of globes. Here you can see Jack and Sally on the outside of the globe looking in. This is a great representation of how many of us feel like we are on the outside looking into the “real world” of Christmas.

This one will definitely go right on my mantel this year.

The Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles, Second Edition

The Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles, Second Edition

This is just one of the price guides available to get an idea of what various Disney collectibles are worth. Many collectibles are no longer being made, and can only be purchased through other collectors.

This guide is an excellent place to start to learn about collecting valuable and cherished Disney icons like Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles.

Is Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas Movie or a Halloween Movie?

I am not really sure if we should consider The Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie. The film has elements of both Halloween and Christmas, and the collectibles would certainly be appropriate for Halloween or just for Goth collectors

There are also some Halloween snow globes in the collection of The Night Before Christmas Snow Globes featuring pumpkins and other Halloween themes. Whichever it is, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a fun, silly movie full of great characters, originality, and creativity that could only come from the mind of Tim Burton.

Tim Burton’s quirky genius is evident throughout the movie. The animation and characters show off the imagination of Tim Burton with the delightfully dark, but loveable characters interweaving in plots and subplots throughout the film. Tim Burton is definitely a master of his film niche.

Watch Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas on Instant Video

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

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