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Nikola Tesla

nikola teslaNikola Tesla:  Unsung Inventor


Nikola Tesla, in my opinion, was responsible for the existence of the modern world. To say that Tesla was robbed, is beyond understatement. A similar understatement would be “The sun is warm.” Nikola Tesla invented AC power. The power that drives ALL machines in our modern civilization. From the fan that keeps you cool in the summer, to the starter that starts your car when you turn the key. Heck, even the electric car itself.


Nikola Tesla invented the “induction motor”. AC power came as an indirect result of Tesla’s invention of the induction motor. The basic design still used today for electric motors that use electricity, and conversely,  electric generators that produce electricity. Nikola Tesla had all the bases covered. Nikola Tesla was also responsible for the invention of radio.  NOT MARCONI.  He was an incredible inventor with an astronomical intellect. Tesla never stopped thinking. He never stopped inventing.  He was ever trying to figure out his next puzzle. He was the Mozart of electricity.

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Nikola Tesla Serbian Inventor in His American Laboratory


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