Candlestick Telephones

Nostalgia is Calling With Candlestick Telephones

Golden Eagle GEE805 Wood Candlestick Phone

I remember seeing candlestick telephones on such TV shows as The Andy Griffith Show and Petticoat Junction. Old-style telephones such as these remind us of days gone by. This type of telephone looks lovely sitting on a small table in the kitchen, living room or foyer. You’ll enjoy the beauty that one of these will bring to your home.

You can find both retro phones that look like the antique ones and actual antique telephones online. Amazon is a good source for the retro ones, with Ebay being a good source of those having antique phones for sale. I have listed some of the different colors and styles here.

Crosley CR64-BK Candlestick Phone with Push Button Technology (Black)Crosley CR64-BC Candlestick Phone with Push Button Technology (Brushed Chrome)Roman Column 1897 ReproductionCROSLEY RADIO CR64-BC CANDLESTICK PHONE (BRUSHED CHROME)

What is a Candlestick Telephone?

Candlestick phones are characterized by a transmitter on top of a stand which resembles a candlestick (hence the name). They also had a receiver that the user would place near his or her ear in order to hear the caller. The first of the tube shaft phones was made by Western Electric as was model number #20B, patented in 1904.

The History of Candlestick Telephones

1915 Image of Candlestick Phone in Use

Candlestick telephones were popular during the 1890s to the 1930s. Several different companies manufactured them including Western Electric, Automatic Electric Company, Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company and Stromberg-Carlson. The first of the tube shaft phones was made by Western Electric as was model number #20B, patented in 1904.

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  1. I’ve always had a thing for candlestick telephones. I find them so elegant.

  2. Gypzeerose

    I love the look of the candlestick phones and remember seeing them on shows like Andy Griffith too.

  3. I love candlestick phones! Even if they didn’t work, I’d like them around for decoration.

  4. Keri

    Those are really cute phones. I love the look of them.

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