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Not By Might by Al Lacy

Not By Might by Al Lacy

Not By Might is a western novel with lots of preachy  background. This is book 8 in the Angel of Mercy series.  The main characters are  John and Breanna Brockman. John is Chief U.S. Marshal. Breanna is a nurse at the Denver hospital and part time visiting nurse. They have only been married a few months.

There are lots of outlaws in the area and the Marshal has lost several men either to death or being wounded. President Grant  has sent a man to Denver to meet with John about the shortages of deputies. A group of outlaws who are wanting to kill this man because he hanged their brother are waiting in Denver for him to arrive.  A man named Sheetz worked for the Government and also was involved with the outlaws.

The outlaws came up with a way to kidnap the man and take him to their hideout and torture him.  When they had it all planned out something went wrong and 3 of the 4 were killed by John but one told where the hideout was before he died.

Not By Might

Not By Might

Now the outlaws are mad at John for killing one of their brothers and are trying to find a way to kill him. Sheetz learns that they are being sent a deputy Palmer Danfield and that John has never met him so they send a man to go meet Danfield on the train and kill him and take his badge and papers. This goes as planned and the man pretending to be Danfield arrives in Denver He and John prepare to go find the hideout and see if rest on the men  are there.

As the go toward the hideout John keeps quoting Scripture to  the imposter. The imposter plans to kill John before they reach the hideout. Before they get to the hideout they find 4 bodies with arrows in them. They bury them. They were the 4 men left at the hideout.

I really liked this book. Read it for yourself and find out what Breanna had been doing while John was gone and see how it ends.

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