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Not Your Grandma’s Shopping Cart

Carts That Are Urban, Cool and Trendy

I live in Seattle and use the city’s fairly awesome transportation to do almost all of my shopping. While most of the time I can carry my purchases in a backpack or a reusable cloth shopping tote, there are times when the results of my shopping are just too heavy or bulky to carry. Enter the dilemma of what to do. Pretty much all of the shopping carts I’ve seen lately are boxy and made of wire…and pretty much all are being pushed by the elderly or the homeless. However, last week I just happened to be on a street corner waiting for the light to change, when behold! a woman in her 40s was standing next to me with an AWESOME wicker wheeled shopping cart. When I asked where she bought it, she said it was a gift that her brother had found for her online. And so began my search for shopping carts that are a bit more urban, cool or trendy, but still functional. Pictured: Stair Climbing Rolling Folding Shopping Grocery Laundry Utility Cart

Why It Suits Me

  • Water repellant material (I do live in Seattle)
  • A fold-over top flap (no one needs to be looking at my purchases!)
  • Large rear wheels – Seattle is known for its’ steep hills, with lots of steps and stairs to get from one level to the next.
  • A pouch in the back for your umbrella or water bottle.
  • Here’s a few of the top rated and reviewed carts I’ve found:

    Choose from colored canvas, mesh or even eco-friendly rattan

    Eco-Friendly Euro Farmer Market Cart Finish: Dark BrownBuy NowKennedy Home Collections Deluxe Folding Shopping Cart, Color May VaryBuy NowB&E Home Essential – Rolling Utility Cart, Folding Shopping Cart Trolley, Grocery CartBuy NowLarge European Market Rattan Basket Cart in NaturalBuy NowOlympia Tools 85-404 Pack-N-Roll Mesh Rolling CartBuy Now

    More Reasons to Buy

    * They’re great for toting laundry
    * Know another urban dweller who might benefit from having their own shopping cart? They make a really nice and thoughtful gift, no matter what the recipient’s age (even if you’re buying one for Grandma…)
    * Most can be folded up and stored in the trunk or back seat of a car if you prefer to drive to a shopping destination (like swap meet or farmer’s market)

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