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Nothing But Trouble- A Wacky Film

Nothing But Trouble is a wacky, crazy movie that will keep you laughing and glued to your seat the whole way through!

 Nothing But Trouble (1991)Check Price

I first saw this film on a lovely VHS tape rental not long after the it hit the theaters. You see, Nothing But Trouble was what we call a big box office flop. I’m not sure why it didn’t do well because I think it’s quite a fun flick that moves along and stays interesting in a weird sort of way. There have been a lot of films through the decades that flopped and went on to become popular and have a nice cult following. This is one of those movies.

The main reason I first wanted to see Nothing But Trouble was the incredible cast of some of my favorite actors. How can you go wrong with Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd and John Candy in a comedy film? Even Demi Moore plays a good part even though comedy is not her strong suit. If for nothing else, check out this film for the acting talent.

So the movie starts with Chevy Chase and Demi Moore being pulled over by John Candy after running a stop sign. It doesn’t help that they are in a strange little town far from reality. They are hauled in to see the judge (Dan Akroyd) and they end up in a creepy prison full of traps and the judge’s strange family. What happens next is sometimes tasteless and silly, but always funny.

Nothing But Trouble is a movie to watch closely so you don’t miss any of the subtle humor or bizarre props. Two of the actors even play duel parts which adds more to the insanity that ensues.

Note: This movie is not for children, but adults will have a hoot watching it!

Thank goodness that it has now been released on DVD.


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