Novelty Flash Drives

These Flash Drives Are So Cool!!!

Novelty Flash Drives

A USB flash drive is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated USB interface. USB flash drives are typically removable and rewritable, and physically much smaller than an optical disc. (Information from Wikipedia).

Flash drives allow you to download data from any computer and save it on the drive. Then you place the drive into another computer or applicable device, and you can retrieve your data, or upload to the computer of your choice.

These are ideal for those who work on library computers, or who are in college. High school students will also benefit from a flash drive. You will find some cool novelty flash drives here that are fun to use, and also fun to give as gifts. They are reasonably priced, too, so you won’t have to bust your budget to own a fun and unusual flash drive!

 LHN® 8GB Metal Guitar USB 2.0 8GB Metal Guitar Shaped USB Flash Sunworld® 8GB Rose Novelty Nail Polish real capacity 8GB 8G novelty Eiffel HDE 4GB Food Snack Dessert Shaped Ebimay ® real capacity 8GB novelty Multifunction Folding Knife 16GB USB Flash FbscTech 8GB Novelty Cute Baby Penguin Hizon Cute Lovely Cartoon USB 2.0 Ninja Shaped 8GB USB Flash Drive HB 8GB Novelty Chocolate Ice Cream A-one 8GB Novelty Cute Baby Owl Usbkingdom Cute Bee Shape USB Flash Tecith® 8GB /16GB /32GB Capacity USB 8GB Novelty Cute Piano USB 2.0 16GB Guitar Shaped USB Flash Drive Novelty Animal FOX Shaped USB Flash HDE Novelty Animal Shaped USB Flash Silicon Flash drive : 8GB 3D Tecith® 8GB /16GB /32GB Capacity USB YM-20 Novelty Maize Style USB Flash Jovilife 8GB Wood Cross USB 2.0 Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger FbscTech Novelty Red Crystal Crystal MINI 8GB Novelty Cute Baby Owl USB Multifunction Folding Knife 32GB USB Flash 16GB Cute Pig Piggy USB Flash Drive EMTEC Animalitos 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash EMTEC Animalitos 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash EMTEC Animal Series Jungle 8 GB USB EMTEC Giraffe 4GB USB Flash Drive 4GM331 EMTEC Animal Series Jungle 8 GB USB Novelty Animal FOX Shaped USB Flash Drive Sunworld Cute Koala Bear Grey Animal Collection EMTEC Animal Series Special 4 GB USB FbscTech Cartoon Creative Red Lobster USB Flash Jovilife 8GB Black Musical Symbol USB 2.0 GTONEE 8GB USB Flash Drives, Mini Cat Jovilife 16GB White Musical Symbol USB 2.0 Jovilife 8GB Piano USB 2.0 Flash Drive Gorgeous Zone Creative Cartoon USB Flash Drive Cartoon Musical Instrument Guitar Model Shaped USB

Video Explaining What a Flash Drive Is

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