Number Cake Pans

Cake Pans for Those Important Numbers in Your Life

I have talked with several people who are seeking cake pans in the shape of numbers, so I did this page to show available cake pans to accomplish this as well as some ideas for using them.

You can combine different cakes to create a number, year or age with ease. When making multiple cakes to represent larger numbers, make sure to use the same style of cake pan for each one so that they match in both size and style.

Number Cake PansNumber Cake Pans

You can decorate your cake in different ways ranging from using simple colored icing to more elaborate decorations such as sprinkles, template patterns or cake toppers.

Take a look at the different options for number cake pans below. You will find several different designs made of materials such as metal, rubber or plastic.

Number 1 Cake Pan

Use this pan to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, to proclaim that someone is #1 or for any celebration that involves this number. Although I prefer the individual numbered pans as far as shape of the cake, you can also use an alphabet and number cake pan to rearrange the inner parts of the pan to create any letter or number for a birthday cake.

Lekue Number 1 Cake MoldLekue Number 1 Cake MoldLarge Number One 1 PanLarge Number One 1 PanAluminum Number 1 PanAluminum Number 1 PanSmall Number One 1 PanSmall Number One 1 Pan

Number 2 Cake Pan

The pan could make a cute 2nd birthday cake, especially if you decorate in bright colors and include a cake topper or other cake decorations on top, maybe with a cartoon character theme. In the pictures, you will always know what birthday you were celebrating at that time!

This pan is just as useful for other events such as a 2015 New Year’s Eve party, another birthday when combined with an additional cake pan, an athlete’s number for a sporting event, or the number of a Nascar car for a party.

Lekue Number 2 Cake MoldLekue Number 2 Cake MoldSmall Number Two 2 PanSmall Number Two 2 Pan

Number 3 Cake Pan

This pan can be used for a 3rd birthday or for any occasion where you can use the 3 by itself or in combination with another number to represent the importance of your occasion.

Lekue Number 3 Cake Mold, RedLekue Number 3 Cake Mold, RedSmall Number Three 3 Cake PanSmall Number Three 3 Cake Pan

Number 4 Cake Pans

Use for a 4th or a 40th Birthday Party or Other Event

This cake pan is useful for important birthdays, anniversaries and other events. How about a 4-H cake for a local club?

Here’s a thought for a 40th birthday cake, make the numbers in cake form and ice with black icing and then use various additional birthday cake decorations such as a tombstone on top of the cakes!

Lekue Number 4 Cake Mold, RedLekue Number 4 Cake Mold, RedSmall Number Four 4 PanSmall Number Four 4 PanLarge Number Four 4 PanLarge Number Four 4 Pan

Number 5 Cake Pan

A Very Versatile Pan

How about using this for a 50th anniversary cake? You will find it useful in many different circumstances. Do you want to celebrate your years in business,wedding anniversary, important birthday? There are multiple occasions to use this one.

Lekue Number 5 Cake Mold, RedLekue Number 5 Cake Mold, RedSmall Number Five 5 Wedding Birthday Anniversary Cake Baking Pan / Tin 10Small Number Five 5 Wedding Birthday Anniversary Cake Baking Pan / Tin 10

Number 6 Cake Pan

Sweet 16 Birthday Party?

This cake pan can be used for a 16th birthday and decorated with a bright color as shown in this cake on the right.It can also be used to celebrate another birthday, an anniversary or more. With a little creativity, this cake pan could also double as a 9 if you either turn it upside down or cut the bottom part off of the 9 before icing.

Lekue Number 6 Cake MoldLekue Number 6 Cake MoldSmall Number Six PanSmall Number Six PanLarge Number 6 PanLarge Number 6 PanMicro Plastic Number 6 PanMicro Plastic Number 6 Pan

Number 7 Cake Pan

Casino Party or Other Lucky Event?

Is 7 your lucky number? You can bake a numbered cake for some lucky person to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, an anniversary or any other occasion. Consider making special cakes for a casino party or charity event with this cake. You could make three red of them to simulate winning the jackpot on a slot machine!

Lekue Number 7 Cake MoldLekue Number 7 Cake MoldLarge Number 7 PanLarge Number 7 PanSmall Number Seven 7 PanSmall Number Seven 7 Pan

Number 8 Cake Pan

Cake for an 18th Birthday or 81st!

Wouldn’t this be nice for a birthday celebration? There are multiple events that you can celebrate by making a cake using this pan alone or in combination with another one. There are several style options available below.

Lekue Number 8 Cake Mold, RedLekue Number 8 Cake Mold, RedSmall Number 8 Cake PanSmall Number 8 Cake PanLarge Number 8 Cake PanLarge Number 8 Cake PanLarge Silicone Number Cake MoldLarge Silicone Number Cake Mold

Number 9 Cake Pan

Use as a 9 or a 6

This cake pan could double as a six, making it a versatile cake pan to keep in your kitchen for important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Use it in combination with other cake pans when you need a higher number.

Lekue Number 9 Cake Mold, RedLekue Number 9 Cake Mold, RedMakebake Baking Tin - Number 9Makebake Baking Tin – Number 9Small Number Nine 9 Wedding Birthday Anniversary Cake Baking Pan / Tin 10Small Number Nine 9 Wedding Birthday Anniversary Cake Baking Pan / Tin 10

Number 0 Cake Pan

Versatile Pan to Be Used in Combination with Others

The number 0 cake pan can be combined with other numbered cake pans to make cakes for some important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, number of years in business or many other important celebrations in your life.

Lekue Number 0 Cake Mold, RedLekue Number 0 Cake Mold, RedSmall Number Zero 0 Wedding Birthday Anniversary Cake Baking Pan / Tin 10Small Number Zero 0 Wedding Birthday Anniversary Cake Baking Pan / Tin 10

All Purpose Number Cake Pans

Make Any Number with the Same Pan

If you’d rather have an all-purpose pan that can make a variety of numbers and letters, one of these may be a good option for you. The advantage of owning a pan such as this is that you can use it again and again for any number that you need. One of the disadvantages is that you have to bake one number at a time and the numbers might not be shaped quite as decoratively as with the individual pans.

Wilton Non-stick Alphabet Letters and Numbers Cake PanWilton Non-stick Alphabet Letters and Numbers Cake Pan

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