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Gifts for Music lovers : Wind Instruments : The Magical and Delightful Sounds of the Ocarina

All music is magic. Perhaps that generalization depends on one’s definition of music. :) But let’s say we all agree with that statement. If so, then it’s likely we may disagree over which musical instrument (excluding the human voice) can produce the most magical sound.

Listverse.com is a fun site where people publish lists of anything from the nuclear deal with Iran to schizophrenia to celebrity stalkers to fairy tales to:

10 Musical Instruments With Magical Powers

Of course, it was necessary for me to examine this list closely.

Wanted to know if my husband’s guitar could fly! :)

This list names instruments I’ve never ever heard of!

For example:

♦ They have something called a “death whistle ”.

~ Don’t want to know what it sounds like.

~ Not the least bit curious about its magical power.

♦ What’s an “ocarina” ? (O.o)

~ Before you say it because you’re probably thinking it.

~ No. It is not an instrument you play when you want to dance the macarena.

~ It’s a wind instrument.

~ This instrument is used to play songs in popular films and video games such as, The Hobbit, Games of Thrones, and Legend of Zelda.

~ If you don’t know how to play the ocarina, you might be tempted to learn.

~ If you don’t want to learn how to play the ocarina, they actually make a lovely decorative piece. Some of them are painted with very nice artwork.

* * *

If you’re curious as to this instrument’s sound, check out these two videos found on YouTube,

The Hobbit – Misty Mountains Cold on STL Ocarina

Game of Thrones – Main Theme – Ocarina Cover | David Erick Ramos

Ohuhu Legend of Zelda Ocarina 12 Hole Alto C with Textbook Display Stand Protective Bag


Hand Painting “Shan Shui” 6 Hole Ocarina,Alto C,Glazed Ceramic,Beautiful Design,Wine Bottle Style by OcarinaWind

OcarinaWind Hand Painting 12 Hole Ocarina, Alto C Ocarina,Ceramic 12 Hole Ocarina (Hand Paiting Trumpet Creeper)

OcarinaWind Hand Painting 12 Hole Ocarina, Alto C Ocarina,Ceramic 12 Hole Ocarina (Hand Painting Lotus)

Hand Painting “Plum Blossom” 6 Hole Ocarina,Alto C,Glazed Ceramic,Beautiful Design,Water Drop Style by OcarinaWind


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    Thanks about telling us about this magical instrument the ocarina

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