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Funny “Occupy” Spoof and Parody T-shirts!

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has swept the nation, and as is always true for any widespread phenomenon, there are spoofs and parodies popping up all over. Fortunately, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we can classify spoofing as imitation, right? Shopkeepers at Zazzle, a print-on-demand site producing t-shirts and gift items, have jumped on the bandwagon with their fair share of “occupy” jokes. We’ve scoured Zazzle for the best of this crop, and we think we’ve assembled a pretty good Occupy Wall Street Spoof collection where you’re sure to find something to occup- … er, tickle your funny bone!

Occupy the Bathroom shirt Occupy the Fridge shirt Occupy Wall Street shirt occupy reality shirt Occupied the Bathroom shirt

Funny KEEP CALM PARODY SHIRT shirt Occupy Earth (dark gray alien) shirt Occupy | OccuPI We are the 3,1415926 shirt Occupy The Sky Santa shirt Occupy Other Worlds shirt

Above are some highlights of the collection, just a few of our absolute favorites. To see these and more, check out our complete collection of Funny “Occupy Wall Street” Jokes and Spoofs on T-shirts! It’s even sorted for your browsing ease into sections such as personal spoofs (“I’m the 100%”), place and location jokes (“occupy wilderness”), direct spoofs (“octopi wall street”), mathematical (“O-Q-Pi”), and lots more!

Remember, when you’re shopping at Zazzle, you’re shopping for quality! Just click on any shirt in our collection to see it in dozens of styles, colors, and sizes from infant to adult 6XL … not to mention on a variety of gift items such as hats, mugs, magnets, stickers, and lots more!

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I’ll see you in a funny t-shirt!

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  1. Fun collection; great post!

  2. What an awesome collection of occupy shirts!

  3. Funny! I like the Octopii!!!!!!!!!

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