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One Brave Cowboy

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One Brave Cowboy

One Brave Cowboy is a Harlequin Romance Fiction story written by Kathleen Eagle.

Cougar, a Native American who was an M.P. in the military was given a purple heart and medical discharge. He goes to S.D. to Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary in hopes of getting a horse to train.  His friend, Mary Tuton Wolf Track, is a dog trainer in the military and her husband, Logan, trains horses and writes books.

One Brave Cowboy

One Brave Cowboy

When he first arrives,  a little boy, Mark, runs out in front of his truck and he almost hits him. Mark is blind in one eye and appears to be deaf and unable to speak.  Mark was chasing a Mama cat. His mom, Celia,  volunteers for the sanctuary and teaches school.  She is divorced and her ex is interested in obtaining a large sum of money from the accident that caused Mark to be blind.

Logan tells Cougar he can bring his horse to his place to keep him if he wants.  Logan is having a party for Mary and while at the party Cougar gets to know Celia better.

Celia tells Cougar she has some work on her place that he can do and that he can park his camper there.  Cougar does and decides it would be easier if his horse was there too.

Mark really likes horses and he likes Cougar.

The Ex is trying to cause trouble for Celia.

This is a great story and I really enjoyed it. Read it to see what happens.

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