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Fashion & Style: Question to Married Men – What’s Your Fantasy?

Inspiration comes from strange places. Can’t vouch for its historical accuracy as my knowledge of the history of Russia is extremely limited, however, based on a movie about Katherine the Great *, which starred British actress Julia Ormond– evidently she needed to attract her husband enough to have sexual intercourse with her to cover up the fact that her lover had gotten her pregnant.

[ * The film starring Julia Ormond as “Young Catherine” (1991). Not the one with Catherine Zeta Jones as “Catherine the Great” (1996). ]

Young Catherine’s husband did not like her so they were not engaging in normal marital relations. The royal line had to be continued so she took a lover. They say that’s how the royals continued the family line if there was an obstruction that would make it never happen otherwise.

Let’s say the story is true. Her advisers told her that since her husband likes soldiers because he always imagined himself some great military hero leading an army, that she should dress herself up like a soldier. That would turn him on! According to the movie, it worked!

Married couples serious about their union often look for ways to keep the flame burning so the romance candle light does not go out. Fulfilling a partner’s fantasy comes under that umbrella. So my question to the married men out there who have a fantasy about what they would like their wife to be – What’s Your Fantasy?

It seems (in Western cultures) the most popular fantasies are:

  • ~ nurse,
  • ~ stewardess,
  • ~ policewoman,
  • ~ girl in a Catholic school uniform, and
  • ~ a wench! 

Odd??  No queen, princess or witch?  Or exotic belly dancer?

[[ P.S. No RSVP required. ]]

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  1. It seems very fun for Halloween or any romantic evening too.

  2. Fun post. Definitely fantasies and dreams make life more fun and there is no time like Halloween for this!

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