Opposuits Holiday Suits

Cool Holiday Suits for Men!

Opposuits are holiday suits for men (or women). There are specially designed suits here for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and other holidays!

Wear one of these Opposuits to a Halloween or Christmas party, or to get attention for any occasion.

There are fun mustache designs, as well as bats, poker cards, and more.

Get into the festive spirit with one of these holiday Opposuits!

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OppoSuits Men’s Bat Guy Party Costume Suit

Several Sizes Available

OppoSuits Men’s Bat Guy Party CostumeMore Details

Every good movie has a bad guy and the best bad guys are usually vampires. This well-fitted suit comes without fangs, but it does include the tie you will look sharp yet frightening while you are roaming the night. With the quality of an opposuit, this suit will last a long time enabling you to wear it plenty of times. Which is very convenient in case you’re immortal and looking for something you can wear over and over. Whether you want to hang upside down in a cave or want to take your girlfriend out for a bite, this is the suit to wear


OppoSuits Bavarian Men’s Suit

OppoSuits Bavarian Men’s Suit -EU56/UK46/US46More Details

The advantage of the fabric used in a OppoSuit is that it doesn’t crease quickly. However, when some creases have appeared after wearing it, we recommend taking your OppoSuit to a dry cleaner. It may be ironed carefully, but please make sure you iron at the lowest possible temperature. OppoSuits are not suitable for washing them in a washing machine so please take to a dry cleaner for proper care.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a disposable costume item. OppoSuits are made of high-quality suit fabric as you would expect of any other proper suit.


Special Occasion Opposuits

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Christmas Opposuits

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Halloween Opposuit

 OppoSuits Men’s Party Costume Suit, Orange, 40More Details Morris Costumes Halloween Party Cosplay Starring Suit Size 38More Details Morris Costumes Halloween Party Cosplay Testival Suit Size 42More Details Morris Costumes Halloween Party Cosplay Testival Suit Size 44More Details OppoSuits Men’s Bat Guy Party Costume Suit, Red/Black, 48More Details OppoSuits Men’s Suit, Red Devil, 38More Details

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