Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

Christmas Ornaments Storage Boxes keep your Christmas Ornaments protected and clean year after year.

We all have those special Christmas Ornaments that were given to us by our family and friends or even ones that were made by our children. These special ornaments are a cherished keepsake that need to be stored so that they protected from breaking or cracking.

These ornament Storage Boxes will ensure that those special ornaments will be put away in a secure box without damaging them. Not only do these protect your Christmas ornaments, they make it easy to organize your ornaments by color, by child or by size.

Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

Not only does an Ornament Storage Box keep your ornaments safe year after year, they are also great for keeping your ornaments organized.

Many of us use different colored ornaments that can easily be stored by color in different ornament storage boxes. We all have those special ornaments from when our children were younger. It’s easy to keep those ornaments separate and organized for the time comes to hand over that precious box of memories past over to your children for their family in a special keepsake Ornament Storage Box.

Keepsake Christmas Ornament Storage Box

 Keepsake Ornament Storage ChestView Now

Designed exclusively by Sterling Pear, once you experience the luxury of our Keepsake Ornament Storage Chest you’ll see why this is the only storage option deserving of your finest heirlooms and treasured collectibles.

Three-tier storage chest holds 50 total ornaments making organizing, protecting and identifying your cherished ornaments a breeze. Interior ornament trays are padded and luxuriously lined in a black velveteen enhancing the sparkle and shine of your ornaments while providing a plush environment. Trays are configured to store small, medium, and large ornaments with one extra-deep tray providing space for ball ornaments up to 100mm; All tray dividers are removable allowing you to make room for long & unusually shaped items

This beautiful ornament box will be a unique heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation. Buy one for yourself and another to give as a special wedding gift. Also, it makes the ideal gift for the avid ornament collector.

Christmas Ornament Storage Box

 Red and Gold 3 Tray Ornament Storage Box with snowflake pattern. 72 OrnamentsView Now

Beautiful Red gift box with snowflake pattern lid with deluxe gold braided carrying handles. Includes 3 trays that are lightweight, removable and acid-free to protect your ornaments. Convenient ID tag holder window for quick identification,
Holds 72 (3-inch) ornaments (24 in each tray)

Christmas Ornament Storage Box

 Signature Ornament Storage Box – Satin Lined & PaddedView Now

Luxuriously lined with silver satin fabric, the three interior trays feature padded tray bottoms providing your most delicate ornaments and collectibles a soft and gentle year-round storage place.

The three interior pull-out ornament trays are configured to hold a variety of ornaments of different shapes and sizes. Tray dividers separate each ornament creating individual spaces to store up to 52 ornaments. Each individual divider is removable to accommodate long or unusually shaped items. The bottom tray is deeper to accommodate large ornaments (including balls up to 100mm in diameter) and has extra notches for adjusting the tray for odd shaped items.

The box is constructed of substantial high quality fiberboard covered in a pretty pear green exterior. Metal hardware further reinforces the strength of the outer box with metal corners on the lid and rivets along the side seams to add strength and durability.

What’s more, this storage box can be used for more than just Christmas storage! It’s great for holiday decorations of all seasons as well as any kind of collectible. Consider the variety of holidays and seasons that could be dedicated to its own storage box. Entire collections of holiday decorating items or collectibles can be organized simply and easily in the most sophisticated storage box available on the market. Give each occasion its own special box!

Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

These Christmas ornament storage boxes are easy to stack and store. Their bright color make them easy to see at just a glance so you’ll be able to find your box of ornaments easily.

All Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes include dividers that can be adjusted in length and width to fit a variety of different size ornaments.

 Whitmore Christmas Ornament Storage Box, 64 OrnamentsView Now Primode Christmas Ornament Storage Box, 64 OrnamentsView Now Elf Stor Whitmore Christmas Ornament Storage Box, 64 OrnamentsView Now Whitmor Whitmore Christmas Ornament Storage BoxView Now ORGG Christmas Ornament Storage Box, 64 OrnamentsView Now Honey-Can-Do Christmas Ornament Storage Box, 64 OrnamentsView Now Santas Bags Christmas Ornament Storage Box, 2 TrayView Now Household Christmas Ornament Storage Box, 64 OrnamentsView Now Christmas Ornament Storage Box, 2 TrayView Now Richards 64 Compartment Christmas Ornament Storage BoxView Now TreeKeeper Christmas Ornament Storage Box 3 TrayView Now Christmas Ornament Storage Box With DrawersView Now

Ornament Storage Boxes

 Plastic Christmas Ornament Storage Box 3 StackView Now IRIS Wing Lid Plastic Christmas Ornament Storage BoxView Now Simplify 112-Count Christmas Ornament Storage BoxView Now Sterilite Plastic Christmas Ornament Storage Box 2 StackView Now Sterilite Plastic Christmas Ornament Storage Box 20 CountView Now Christmas Ornament Storage Box with DrawersView Now

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