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Most of us tend to keep items that come in their original boxes and store them away in those same boxes year after year. You know those cardboard thin ones that keep getting beaten and battered over and over again. Well, after a while those same boxes can no longer protect your precious keepsake and need to be replaced, so now is the time to replace them with a permanent ornament box or container solution!

If you are a collector of ornaments or any collectible, it is wise to keep the original boxes that the collectible came in. It is not a good idea to store them in those boxes only though. The reason you need to keep the original box packaging, is the collectible in general can be worth more if it’s original box is kept with the item. So, if this is the case, then store the boxes separately or put the ornament in it’s original box and put the entire item with box in a ornament storage container. An ornament storage box or container keeps all your ornaments in a safe and secure place, especially those ornaments that hold a special place in your heart.


Christopher Radko KEEPSAKE STORAGE BOX Mixed Media ChristmasChristopher Radko KEEPSAKE STORAGE BOX Mixed Media ChristmasView Now

Home for the Holidays. Red Velvet Ornament Storage Box.

This pretty hand-painted and glittered ornament box by Christopher Radko has 12 interior sections to hold your precious ornaments.

Store Your Ornaments Surrounded by Beauty

In these pretty ornament boxes.

A Variety of Ornament Storage Holders

There are several types and available choices in ornament storage holders on the market today. Many are worthy of purchase and some are not. You can effectively protect and store your precious items in the correct boxes and containers. Keep in mind, you generally get what you pay for, that old cliche is really true.

Many storage holders come with removable trays. These are great for sorting your ornaments and keeping them separated from touching each other as well. You can choose to sort them by size, color, design or brand. This is really a personal preference.

Ornament boxes and containers are readily available in different materials and sizes to accommodate your needs. If you need to store a few or hundreds, they are all on the market, especially available and easy to find online.

Where to Store Your Ornament Boxes and Containers

First of all, storing ornaments in ornament boxes and containers is very visible in most locations. Most of them are in red and green, so the color alone stands out. Storing these ornament holders in the attic or closet is fine and you can even store some under your bed, since they make those as well.

All in all, ornament boxes and containers are a gem to own! And they make great gifts, too! Wonderful gifts, especially for your friends and family that have everything and you are not sure what to buy them. How about a Ornament Box! They will know you were thinking about their special cherished items.

Holiday 3 Drawer 54 Cell Ornament Chest

Richards Homewares Holiday 3 Drawer 54 Cell OrnamentView Now

This reasonably priced lovely ornament box is heavy duty, water resistant, dual zippers, and 3 drawers. Each drawer holds 18 ornaments for a total of 54 and has a contents label on each drawer as well. This box has mixed customer reviews because the material is not of high quality like some of the others listed above, but based on price, it could be a good choice for a tight budget, especially if you need more than one of these.

Snap N Stack Seasonal Ornament Storage Containers

Snapware 1098785 Snap N Stack Seasonal Ornament (3View Now

If you don’t care about a fancy looking ornament box with fabric then these stackable polypropylene ornament containers will do just fine. This one comes in a set of 3 and holds 27 to 48 ornaments. It has a top handle for easy mobility. The snapping layers are very sturdy. The dividers are cardboard but they are heavy cardboard and can be arranged in at least 2 different ways to accommodate ornaments of different sizes. Very reasonably priced too.

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More Storage Options for Your Holiday Ornaments

Even if an item is not described as an “ornament storage” product, you can use it for such, just the same. You can always wrap your ornaments in paper towels, tissue paper, bubble wrap, etc, and use any standard box to store them. You do have some great ornament storage containers to choose from below, though! Click on any photo for details and pricing.

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Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Drawers

For 27 Large Ornaments

nGenius Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Drawers for 27 Large OrnamentsView Now

This Christmas Ornament Storage Box can hold at least 27 large ornaments in separate compartments. For soft or small ornaments, this 13″x13″x13″ box with dividers can hold many, many more. The box sports a see-through window on top and best of all – each storage level is a separate drawer! The moderate size and sturdy nylon handles make it easy and convenient to carry.

Organize It All X-Mas Ornaments Paper Box

ORGBH Organize It All X-Mas Ornaments Paper Box, 56-InchView Now

The Organize It All X-Mas Ornaments Paper Box is a perfect storage solution for your holiday ornaments. This storage and durable storage box protects your favorite ornaments, collectibles, and keepsakes year after year. There are adjustable interiro dividers that allow you to fit larger ornaments if needed. Also there are cut out handles for easy transport.

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