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Ostrich Halloween Costumes

Ostrich Costume for Halloween

An ostrich costume for Halloween is a bit unusual but you can bet it’s going to be a funny costume.  Riding an ostrich is a humorous concept to begin with and ostriches are inherently funny.  This is one of the best funny costumes available this year.  The ostrich costume is available in adult and child sizes so the whole family can go as ostriches.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Whether you are going trick or treating or going to a party, an ostrich costume with an outback hat is sure to draw attention and comments.

You put on the ostrich costume in its deflated state.  Just pull it up over your legs.  It has a bungee cord to secure it at the waist.  There’s a battery powered fan that you switch on that will inflate the costume in a few seconds.  The ostrich’s legs are your legs and there are fake legs hanging over each side of the ostrich.

You really need an outback hat or a safari hat to complete your ostrich costume but unfortunately there isn’t one included.  Check farther down the page to find an outback hat to go with your ostrich costume.

If you love funny costumes you’re going to love your ostrich costume!

Looking for Funny Costumes?

If you’re looking for funny costumes consider an ostrich costume with an outback hat.  You’ll probably be the only ostrich at the party!  Your outback hat isn’t just for Halloween.  You can wear it anytime you need a hat to protect your face and head from the sun.  Wear your outback hat fishing, to the ball game, or when you’re barbequing.  Scary costumes make fine Halloween costumes but funny costumes might be remembered longer.

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Why not try an ostrich costume this year with a sexy outback hat?  Use your imagination.  Do ostrich dances.  Have an ostrich race.  Go longboarding in your ostrich costume.  Wear it while working out.  I’m sure you’ll think up your own fun things to do in an ostrich costume.

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