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Otterbox Reflex – iPad 2

Best Otterbox Case For iPad 2

It’s plain and simple – Otterbox & iPad 2 are made for each other. Otterbox makes the best iPad 2 cases around. Let’s talk about the Otterbox Reflex for iPad 2.

When it comes to protecting your iPad, the Otterbox Reflex is the best thing out there.

This iPad case is super light, thin, and solid protection. Do you drop your iPad (like I tend to)?

The Reflex case will protect you. The corners of this case have that crumple thing (like in a car) where it crumples up to resist impact and protect your iPad.

There is also a really good touch screen shield that protects the front/face of your tablet.

In short, it’s ALL OVER protection.

Otterbox for iPad 2


Previous owners of other Otterbox cases have said that the Relfex is absolutely the thinnest case they’ve put out. Yes, we all want protection, but we sure can do without added bulk and weight.

What’s really cool is what they’ve done for the sound coming out of your iPad 2.

The case directs the sound around and up to the front of the case meaning that everything sounds clearer – and you can get more volume too.

Installing this iPad case is a breeze (no, you don’t need higher education to get the darn thing on…lol!).

There is also a stand on the back on the Reflex Case so you can stand it up both horizontal or vertical (very handy).

Otterbox Reflex for iPad 2 vs Otterbox Defender Case


The Otterbox Defender case for iPad 2 is really, really rugged – meaning it’s a bit more bulky than the Reflex.

If you are SUPER rough on your iPad, I would deal with the extra bulk and get the Defender case.

However, if you are wanting solid protecting in a normal day-to-day situations, the Reflex Case will work great for you.

It’s a really great Otterbox iPad 2 case, that’s for sure!

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