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Ottoman Beds – Great for Guests

Ottomans That Convert to Beds

No room for an overnight guest? Think again. Now with an ottoman sleeper bed, you transform any room into an instant guest bedroom.

No more wasting a whole room waiting for a guest to visit. Use every room in your house. When a guest arrives, presto…change the ottoman into a single bed.

Even if you have a guest room, an ottoman sleeper bed lets you accommodate an extra person or child for the night. I love the idea of convertible furniture that does double duty.

Since I live in Florida and not too far from Disney World, we can get guests at any time.

What Guests Need…

A comfortable night’s sleep!

Your guests don’t have to have a deluxe guest bedroom equal to a five-star resort. They will enjoy their visit just fine if you provide them with a comfortable night on your ottoman sleeper bed.

These are perfect for tight spaces.

Space in your home is valuable and most people wish they had more room. Maybe they need a room for a consuming hobby like genealogy or scrapbooking. Don’t waste a room by putting a double bed in it and saving it for guest use only.

By having a bed that hides away, then the room can really serve the family’s recreational and hobby needs for that 99% of the time when there are no guests.

Apolline Espresso Leather Ottoman/ Sleeper

Apolline Espresso Leather Ottoman/ SleeperView Details

Looking for a functional and versatile piece that takes up minimal space? With this Apolline Espresso leather ottoman, complete with a wooden bed, you will never have to sacrifice style for practicality. Hidden tubular bed-frame within the mattress with an incredibly comfortable high-density foam cushion provides for easy resting for your guests and practical storage.


Bonded Leather Ottoman And Guest Bed – in Black

Westport Home Grayson Bonded Leather Ottoman Sleeper, BlackView Details

Westport Home Grayson Bonded Leather Ottoman Sleeper, Black

The leather looks luxurious when it’s an ottoman.
Guests will be amazed when it turns into a bed. Open the top and just fold out the bed. Presto, instant sleeping space for your visitor.


Hideaway Sleeper Ottoman

Coaster Sleeper Bench/OttomanView Details

Coaster Sleeper Bench/Ottoman

Here’s how it looks when it’s a simple ottoman. What you get is a stylish leather ottoman that converts into a single bed. It’s perfect for a compact living space. Just pull out the bed which is intended for guests (not full-time use). The mattress isn’t very thick, so you can get a memory foam mattress topper if you want it a bit plusher for your guest.


The YouTube Video Below Shows How the Ottoman Sleeper Bed (featured above) Works

The Way The One Above Works

The cover just slips off then unfold the metal frame with the comfortable 3″ polyurethane foam mattress. It will support a single person up to 500 pounds. If you want the guest to be extra comfy, you can add a memory foam topper.

Video for Coaster Sleeper Bench/Ottoman

More Options for Accommodating Guests

Creating a Genealogy Work Space
Working on your family history goes much easier if you have a dedicated space for your computer and files. I’ll share with you the room we created for my genealogy work.

Most of us don’t have an unused room sitting around waiting for us to change it into our genealogy room. What we might have is a guest room that is seldom used.

To get the room to serve several functions, we’ve installed a murphy bed. That lets the genealogy room easily turn into a guest room. My husband can also use the room for his music project. He’s digitizing all our vinyl and music tapes.

Chair Bed – Extra Sleeping Space for Guests
Make a Chair Do Extra Service as a Guest Bed

Many homes don’t have the luxury of keeping a guest room that does nothing most of the time. Other rooms in the home can double up to serve as a guest room when needed. Just add a cushy chair that converts easily into a place for a guest to sleep. There are a number of variations on this, where the chair unfolds to make a single bed.

Since I live in Central Florida, I can expect guests at least a few times each winter. Having an extra bed sure comes in handy. Here are some of the options for a chair bed (a chair that transforms into a bed).

I’ve provided a range of sleeper chairs below. Take a look to see which one fits your needs. Some work better for a child’s room and convert into a bed for sleep-overs. Others will work for an adult visitor.

Where Do Your Guests Sleep Now?

This is a bedroom in the William Allen White house in Emporia, Kansas. Source: Virginia Allain

Resting Women Notecard on Zazzle

Space Saver & Guest Pleaser

An Ottoman Sleeper Bed is the perfect solution for anyone with limited space for overnight guests.

Folding Ottoman Guest Bed Sleeper

Kings Brand Folding Ottoman Guest Bed Sleeper With Mattress & Black Fabric CoverView Details

This Ottoman/Sleeper transforms from a comfortable ottoman to a cozy bed in just seconds.

Simply remove the slipcover, unfold the metal frame, and you have a sturdy and comfortable bed that’s ready for a guest.

3″thickness mattress with normal foam ,polyester fabric cover,metal tube with powder coating finished.

Slipcover is machine washable.

Dimensions: Bed: 75″X27.5″X16.25″H , Ottoman: 29″X28″X16.25″H.


Casual Ottoman with Hidden Interior Sleeper Mattress

Apolline Brown Finish Leather Ottoman/ SleeperView Details

I love the stitching on this one.

Leatherette, so an easy-care surface that will look good in your living room for a long time. It is so popular that sometimes it goes out-of-stock on Amazon. Hope you hit it lucky.

Apolline Brown Finish Leather Ottoman/ Sleeper…

This arrives fully assembled. You won’t need any tools, a handyman or have to decipher cryptic instructions. It’s ready to use.

It’s great that you have a bed hidden in the hassock and even greater that it looks so good.


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